5SOS’s Ashton Irwin Blasts Taylor Swift As ‘Destructive’ After She Rejects Michael Clifford

Michael Clifford's crush on Taylor Swift was totally unreciprocated, and his best bro, Ashton Irwin, is actually happy that nothing happened! The 5SOS bandmates dished about life and love in a new interview -- and Ashton's opinions about Tay! Ashton Irwin, 21, knows that 5 Seconds of Summer bandmate Michael Clifford, 19, has crushed hard on Taylor Swift, but in an interview on The Howard Stern Show on November 2, he made it clear that it was a terrible idea for the two to date. Ashton's bottom line: Taylor's a little too much for Michael to handle. But damn, it would make good music!

Ashton Irwin Taylor Swift Destructive
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“She feels a little destructive to me, Ashton told Howard Stern. “I think it’s interesting, I think it’s cool, she’s a deep thinker. She has a lot of songs about some messed up relationships. I think some good songs would come out of it.”

Harsh, much? It’s no secret that Michael’s had a longstanding crush on Taylor, and apparently she finally brushed him off when he drunkenly tried to chat her up at a party. Their interactions began in early December 2014, when Michael boldly tweeted at Taylor that he loved “Shake it Off.” Thus began their epic Twitter flirtation, that went on for hours. Nothing happened, though. Ashton seems to think that if it did, they would have had a “messed up relationship.”

Apparently, Michael’s infatuation with Taylor has gotten a little out of hand. In an interview with Miss Vogue on October 23, Michael said that Taylor blocked his number because he texted her so much! Wow! So what’s really going on here with Taylor and Michael?

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— Samantha Wilson 

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