Justin Bieber Flirts With Sexy Dancer Elysandra Quiñones Over Drinks — New Couple?

Justin Bieber Dating Backup Dancer
Image Credit: SplashNews/Courtesy of Instagram

Does the Biebs have a new lady in his life? Justin Bieber was spotted in London, getting seriously cozy with Elysandra Quiñones– who happens to be one of his back up dancers! Are the two coupling up?

Justin Bieber seems to be enjoying the single life! The 21-year-old hung out with Elysandra Quiñones— one of his very own backup dancers– while having some fun at the The Square Pig and Pen, a pub in Holborn, London, on Oct. 21. Elysandra and Justin nuzzled close to one another and, with a drink in hand, Elysandra gave Justin some serious eyes. We’re just saying, the two look real cute together!

Prior to kicking it with Elysandra, JB and his team had actually just arrived in London a couple hours prior.

Team Bieber enjoyed some outdoor merriment, as Elysandra and Justin seemed to be having a great time by themselves! The gorgeous dancer wore all black and, as seen in another photo, whispered something into Justin’s ear, which caused him to break out into a massive grin– so precious, you two!

This cuddle session comes just a couple weeks after Justin was caught completely nude in Bora Bora, swimming with model Jayde Pierce20. Enjoy being young and free, Justin!

Whether or not Elysandra and Justin are dating, though, they are definitely not new friends. Actually, back in 2012, Elysandra and JB were on stage together nightly on Justin’s hugely successful Believe tour. The two now continue to work together, which is actually why they are both are currently overseas.

On the cusp of the release of Justin’s new album, Purpose, which will drop on Nov. 13, the Biebs has quite a few appearances across the pond– for which he’s going to need a couple backup dancers!

What do you think about Justin and Elysandra: were they canoodling as friends or something more? Do you think they’d make a cute couple?

— Casey Mink

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