Amber Rose’s Son Licks Her Head During Interview — Just As Kanye West Did To Her

Amber Rose and Sebastian have such a cute relationship! During an interview, the adorable little toddler was on his way to cuddle with Amber before he pulled a Kanye West and totally licked the top of his mom's head! Licking the top of someone's head can be gross, but not for Amber Rose's, 31, son, Sebastian, 2! The former stripper was doing an interview when her adorable son did the unthinkable! He walked over and licked the top of her head like Kanye West, 38, did in 2010!

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GQ writer Carrie Battan was hanging out with Amber and Sebastian in her huge master bedroom during their interview when she witnessed the 2-year-old licking his mom’s head. Carrie shared her observations in the post and noted that the 31-year-old was pleading with her son to come over to the couch and cuddle with her. Once Sebastian agreed to do so and walked over, Amber leaned over for the 2-year-old to reach her head and Carrie writes, “he licks the top, like a lizard.” If that action isn’t cute enough for you, Sebastian immediately says right after, “it tastes like pumpkin pie.” So cute! The 2-year-old’s move was totally reminiscent of Kanye doing the same to Amber in 2010.

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Years before Amber even had Sebastian, she famously dated Yeezy and the two had a pretty crazy and passionate relationship. Kanye and Amber documented their love in a photoshoot with the infamous photographer Terry Richardson, 50, and one of their pictures together is of Kanye holding Amber’s head and licking the top of it. It was a pretty bizarre photo! Sadly their relationship ended on bad terms and the two have been feuding ever since.

Amber Apologizes To Kanye — Wants To Put The Past Behind Them

After years of feuding with Kanye and his baby mama, Kim Kardashian, 35, Amber is ready to put the past behind her. The 32-year-old decided to move on by publicly apologizing to her ex-boyfriend at her SlutWalk on Oct. 3. Sadly, Kanye didn’t accept it. “He’s heard about Amber’s apology at her SlutWalk but doesn’t think it’s genuine. How are you going to apologize to the man but at the same time have your mother disrespect him,” an insider told EXCLUSIVELY. “Amber is a fool if she thinks Kanye somehow feels sorry for her or thinks her apology was serious by crying as if he’s going to give her sympathy. He’s not Wiz. He’s not impressed by Amber’s crying game or her fake sincerity. Amber needs to do better than that.”

HollywoodLifers, what did you think of Sebastian licking Amber’s head?

— Michelle Phi