Larry Hernandez: 5 Things To Know About Singer Accused Of Kidnapping & Assault

American Regional Mexican singer Larry Hernandez is a household name in parts of Mexico, but he's making different headlines in the US after being arrested on charges of assault and kidnapping. Who exactly is Larry Hernandez? Larry Hernandez, 38, was arrested in Ontario, CA, on September 25 due to an outstanding warrant in South Carolina, on charges of kidnapping and assault. The singer allegedly attacked a concert promoter who didn't pay him adequately, and kept him captive in a hotel room. Larry was summoned to court in San Bernadino, CA, on September 30, and was extradited to SC to face his charges. What else should we know about Larry?

Who Is Larry Hernandez
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1. He was the star of his own reality show, Larrymania 

Larry is a remarkable musician, and as these things often happen, he had his own reality show following his and his family’s lives to satiate his adoring fans. Larrymania aired on Mun2 for four seasons, and gave “Hernandez’s fans an opportunity to see how he is able to maneuver his life through the tough obstacles that a music superstar has to undergo,” according to the network.

2. He recorded his most famous album in a day 

“16 Narco Corridos” is Larry’s contemporary masterpiece, taking the no. 4 spot on the Billboard Top Latin Albums chart and securing him a record contract. More impressive, he wrote the entire album singlehandedly, and recorded it in a day. He’s gone on to have three top five albums on the Regional Mexican Albums chart, hitting #1 with “En Vivo Desde Culiacan” and “Larrymania.”

3. Music is a family business

Larry found his love of music through his family; his grandfather and cousins are all well-established musicians. As a child, he would show his songs to his uncles and cousins, and they would give him pointers about the lyrics and melody. He’s not just a singer; he also plays the accordion and drums.

4. He’s come under scrutiny for his controversial “narcos corridos”

A corrido is a popular style of narrative ballad that tells the story of oppression, history, and the plight of the lower classes. Larry sings a subgenre called narcos-corridos, which focuses on illegal activities, especially drug trafficking. “My “corridos” aren’t made to start controversy with anyone, they are made to entertain people, so they drink and have a good time, the reality, the economy and the whole world are going through tough times.” Larry has said on the topic.

5. He’s a YouTube star 

Larry may be a darling of Latin music, but his big break came courtesy of YouTube. His music was so buzzed about that people kept uploading videos of his performances online. From that, he gained more notoriety — and the attention of record execs — and the rest was history.

HollywoodLifers, are you shocked that Larry was arrested?

— Samantha Wilson 

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