‘Growing Up Gotti’ Star John Agnello Rakes In $2.5 Million At Mob-Filled Wedding

Talk about an expensive wedding! When Victoria Gotti's son John Gotti Agnello wed Alina Sanchez on Sept. 25, their guests were required to bring at least $5,000 worth of gifts -- which made for quite the haul for the newlyweds! When you grow up Gotti, you definitely don't live a cheap lifestyle. So when Growing Up Gotti star John Gotti Agnello got married on Sept. 25, of course it was extravagant! In a black tie affair that was apparently straight out of The Godfather, John and his new wife Alina Sanchez received $2.5 million in gifts alone! Read more details below!

John Agnello Married
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Although about 500 guests showed up at John and Alina’s wedding, according to the New York Post, each person paid a pretty penny to be there. There was a $5,000 gift minimum per guest just to get in the door! No wonder the happy couple raked in so much!

As if the wedding doesn’t sound swanky enough, it was held in a castle! The celebration took place at Oheka Castle on Long Island, where the party reportedly lasted from 5 p.m. on Sept. 25 to 1 p.m. on Sept. 26 — literally an all-night extravaganza!

While a $5,000 minimum gift requirement might sound crazy, let’s not forget the family John comes from. He’s the son of Victoria Gotti and grandson of late mobster John Gotti, so there’s a lot of money flowing in this fam! But it wasn’t just the high stakes that made this marriage unique. Because of John’s grandfather’s mob background, the event required some major security! In fact, a source told The Post that John’s dad, Carmine “The Bull” Agnello, couldn’t even be there without law enforcement officers standing by. Whoa, now that’s intense for a wedding!

To add to the lavish celebration, John Travolta, and his wife, Kelly Preston, as well as actor Kevin Connolly took part in the expensive festivities. John (Travolta) is actually going to portray John (Gotti) in an upcoming biopic, which Kevin will direct. Who knows, the actors could’ve used this crazy party as research for the film — that’s some awfully pricey preparation!

We’re still blown away by the price tag on this wedding, but either way, congrats are in order for the newlyweds! Congratulations, John and Alina!

HollywoodLifers, are you shocked John and Alina received $2.5 million in gifts? What do you think of the $5,000 requirement? Tell us below!

— Taylor Weatherby

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