Harry Styles & One Direction Insulted By Justin Bieber Diss? Their Shocking Response

Are things about to get heated between One Direction and Justin Bieber? JB snapped a video dissing 1D over their same-day album releases, and HollywoodLife.com has the EXCLUSIVE details on how they felt about it! Justin Bieber, 21, and One Direction both have albums dropping on Nov. 13, but Justin made it clear that he sees no competition with 1D in a Snapchat vid. The Biebs threw some major shade at the boys, suggesting they should be afraid to compete against him -- and a source revealed whether Harry Styles and his boys were totally offended by the snap!

Justin Bieber Disses One Direction
Image Credit: Courtesy of Twitter

Despite the fact that 1D and JB are both at the top of the pop heartthrob list, they never seem to have any bad blood (Justin and Niall Horan have even hung out!). But now that Justin has publicly dissed the One Direction boys, that could change…depending on how they respond!

“Harry and the rest of the guys, including Niall all get along with Justin. They saw his snapchat video about his album release date and they think it’s funny,” an insider told HollywoodLife.com EXCLUSIVELY. “It’s kind of like an inside joke they have and will continue to play off of each other. The guys don’t take it as a diss.”

Phew, it seems the Biebs’ diss only sparked some friendly competition and not a feud. In case you missed Justin’s video, he said “The face you make when you come out with an album the same day as Justin Bieber,” and proceeded to make a horrified face!

While we’re glad to hear this vid didn’t create any issues between Justin and One Direction, it sounds like we could be seeing some 1D retaliation soon! Our source also tells us that “in fact, they will most likely come out with something on their own about their release date and how Justin should be concerned.” As long as these video disses remain a friendly joke, we think it’d be pretty hilarious to watch the faux-feud happen!

Are you surprised by One Direction’s response to Justin’s diss, HollywoodLifers? Do you hope they put out a video of their own? Sound off below!

— Taylor Weatherby, Reporting by Sandra Clark

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