Stephanie Pratt Rushed To Hospital: Spider Bite Blinds Her Eye & Numbs Her Face

How scary! Stephanie Pratt suffered some severe reactions to a nasty spider bite, including going blind in one eye. Is she okay? Stephanie Pratt, 29, spent more than four hours in the hospital after a black widow spider took a bite out of her face. The former reality star reportedly woke up with a massively swollen face, but was quick to take a selfie before heading off to see the doctor.

Stephanie Pratt Spider Bite
Image Credit: Courtesy of Instagram

Poor Stephanie Pratt just suffered everyone’s worst fear: being bit by a spider in her sleep. And no, it wasn’t just any spider that attacked her, it was a black widow. Although a notably venomous spider that can be super harmful to humans according to Wikipedia, thankfully it’s not deadly to humans. Unfortunately for Stephanie, that doesn’t mean she was left without any side effects from the bite.

Stephanie woke up on Thursday morning, Sept. 24, in London, England with a swollen face that looked like she had a tumor in it, she told TMZ after the fact. At the hospital they drained the puss out of her face that was causing the swelling, and that’s when doctors determined she had likely been bitten by a black widow spider. Stephanie also shared with the outlet that she lost her sight in one eye and some feeling in her face, which must have been super scary.

Thankfully, Stephanie is feeling much better and was released from the hospital within just a few hours. Phew!

Our thoughts go out to Stephanie during this scary time, and we’re glad to see she’s feeling better!

— Lauren Cox

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