Justin Bieber: The Superstitious Reason He Bleached His Hair Platinum

Justin Bieber has gone platinum-- and you will never believe why! It turns out, the drastic hair makeover wasn't just for fun. We have EXCLUSIVELY learned the bizarrely superstitious reason the Biebs lightened up! Justin Bieber, 21, shocked fans when he dropped by The Today Show on Sept. 10 with a head full of platinum blonde hair! While everyone loves a fun, fall makeover, Justin's was not just for aesthetic purposes. Actually, a source revealed to us EXCLUSIVELY that Justin went platinum as a metaphor for his upcoming album, which he is praying will go platinum as well!

Why Did Justin Bieber Bleach Hair
Image Credit: Getty, Courtesy of Warner Bros.

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“His mind is all about going platinum with his music and album,” a source explained to us EXCLUSIVELY. “He is very superstitious, and he honestly believes if he thinks about something, it will come true.”

Okay then! Hey, it certainly isn’t the craziest thing a celebrity has ever done. And Justin himself knows it’s kinda silly, too, but that’s how badly he wants to have a hit album! “So if he is surrounded by [platinum] then it will happen,” added the source. “Sounds stupid but the platinum hair is based on the mindset of what he wants his career to get into for his upcoming album. He really wants this album to be a huge hit.”

Totally understandable. And so far, perhaps JB’s wishful thinking is working! He dropped the first single off the record, “What Do You Mean?” back on Aug. 28, and the song went on to swoop the number one spot atop the Billboard Hot 100 chart, Justin’s first ever! So, keep up the positive thinking, amazing performances— and ya know what? Go ahead and rock the platinum a bit longer, Justin, because we ain’t mad about it.

What do you guys think of Justin’s superstitious hair move? Do you believe in that kind of thing, or is he just being silly?

— Casey Mink

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