Justin Bieber Vs Draco Malfoy: Whose Bleached Hair Is Better?

Justin Bieber debuted ah. may. zing. new bleached hair on TODAY when he performed September 10! But you know, when we think about it, there's someone who did it first. The question is -- did they do it better? When Justin Bieber, 21, rocked out onstage at TODAY, something was definitely different about the "What Do You Mean?" singer -- his hair! The swoop is already gone, replaced by shaved and bleached blonde locks. We can't help but be reminded of someone who did the look years ago, and pulled it off with ease: Draco Malfoy. Yes, that Draco Malfoy. Do you agree?

Draco Malfoy Justin Bieber Bleached Hair
Image Credit: Courtesy of ABC/Warner Bros.

Listen, Draco may have only been a teenager — and a fictional wizard — but his hair game was always on point. Think about it! He came from loads of money and a high class family; you know he had a stash of Bumble and Bumble shampoo and conditioner in the Slytherin bathroom!

Even if Draco was a totally meanie, you have to admit he had the best hair at Hogwarts, and probably in the whole wizarding world. Except maybe for Tonks, if you’re someone who loves bright colorful hair as much as us!

As for Justin, he’s got a leg up on Draco because his look is modern and sleek. An undercut is always a cool choice, and he’s not constantly pairing it with a stuffy suit an evil glare to bring the whole thing down. Vantage point Justin!

Justin and Draco could have a total blondie showdown if they ever met face-to-face. Draco’s got the power and literal magical powers behind his cuteness, but Justin could probably dance his way over to a hair salon and shape his hair up and way he pleases.

HollywoodLifers, do you think Justin or Draco pulls off bleached blonde hair better? Tell us in the comments and take our poll!

— Samantha Wilson 

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