Miley Cyrus Tried To Hump Jared Leto At MTV VMAs

Settle down, Miley Cyrus! The host of the 2015 MTV VMAs took the show over the top but she might have taken things too far. During the Aug. 30 broadcast, while Miley was barely dressed in a revealing outfit, she tried to hump Jared Leto! Click to see! Miley Cyrus, 22, needed a cold shower while at the 2015 MTV Video Music Awards. Miley spent most the show wearing as little as possible, which led to an awkward encounter when she met the sexy Jared Leto, 43. The Suicide Squad actor was just too irresistible for Miley and she wound up rubbing herself up against him! Yikes!

Miley cyrus humps jared leto
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During the Aug. 30 broadcast, Miley introduced Jared as “the woman with whom I had my first lesbian experience.” Ooh-kay. Jared then came out to introduce The Weeknd, who would give a fiery performance of “I Can’t Feel My Face” to the VMA audience. “Are you ready to get sexy?” Jared said, wooing the crowd who seemed more than ready. Jared described The Weeknd as the king of artist that “inspires us, breaks new ground and makes us all really, really horny.” Jared then told the audience to “pull your pants down, your skirts up” and get into the mood.

Clearly, Miley took Jared’s words literally. In a photo uploaded to her Instagram on Aug. 31, the “Dooo It” singer posed with the pink-haired Jared, while wearing one of her barely-there outfits. Though Miley was trying to get some action, Jared had something else in mind.

“When you’re trying to hump Jared Leto,” Miley wrote, “but he is just innocently telling you a secret.” Wow. While it’s not like Miley would be the only person who’d try to pull that stunt, she may have taken her “outrageous” behavior a little too far. Miley got in trouble the last time she and humping were involved at the VMAs (Remember Robin Thicke and twerking?)

Miley Cyrus Was ‘Pissed’ At Nicki Minaj For Nasty Confrontation On VMAs Stage

While Miley clearly wanted to have a good time at the VMAs, but it wasn’t all fun and games. Nicki Minaj took a moment after winning Best Hip Hop Video to call out Miley for her comments in a New York Times interview. After Nicki called Miley a “b*tch,” Miley reportedly was pissed! She stormed backstage while yelling about Nicki’s diss! Uh-oh.

What do you think about Miley trying to hump Jared Leto, HollywoodLifers? Funny or inappropriate?

— Jason Brow

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