Chelsea Handler: Which Of Her Shocking Instagram Pics Is Racier?

Chelsea Handler seems to have no boundaries on Instagram! The comedienne is notorious for posing topless pics, but her two most recent posts show her with a shirt on. However, she left other parts exposed. See her without underwear here! If there's anyone who should compete against Chelsea Handler for raciest Instagram photos, it's...well, probably Chelsea Handler. The 40-year-old has a rockin' bod and she's not afraid to show it off in revealing photos! She typically has her top off in her posts, but recently, she removed her panties and showed off her butt in two separate pics. Warning: they're pretty scandalous!

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No matter where she is or what she’s doing, Chelsea loves going full-frontal on social media. She’s done practically everything topless, whether it’s waterskiing, partying for Mardi Gras, alpine skiing…even riding a camel! The last time she was seen baring her behind, though, she was imitating Kim Kardashian‘s “break the internet” pic (and nailing it!). But on Aug. 27, her booty struck again!

Chelsea flashed her bum while posing atop a very posh bed, sheepishly smiling as her pants were halfway down her legs. In her classic funny-girl way, she posted a simple, yet hilarious caption, “Butt art.” Oh, Chelsea!

But let’s not forget the extremely scandalous photo Chelsea posted just one day prior — her now infamous mirror selfie! Chelsea showed off her bed head on Aug. 26, however, she was wearing nothing but a sheer black bra. And she almost revealed a little more than that. Luckily, she had an apple to cover her lady parts!

So now that Chelsea has proven she has more racy photos to offer than just topless ones, we have to know which one the world thinks is more scandalous! Between her fabulous body and revealing poses, we simply can’t decide!

Okay HollywoodLifers, which pic of Chels do you think is racier? Are you a fan of the butt art or the clever apple placement? Tell us below!

— Taylor Weatherby

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