Gisele Bundchen & Tom Brady In $460 Million Divorce Drama — Report

Things are reportedly not good in the Gisele Bundchen and Tom Brady household. A new report claims the longtime couple is experiencing a lot of turbulence in their relationship and it may end in a $460 million divorce battle! Gisele Bundchen, 35, and Tom Brady, 38, may seem happy in front of the cameras, but a new report is saying otherwise. Behind closed doors, insiders claim the married couple is constantly bickering with each other and their last argument after Tom's birthday could very well be the one to send their relationship over the edge.

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Gisele Bundchen Tom Brady Split
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This does not sound too good. A new report by OK! magazine revealed that the New England Patriots quarterback and his supermodel wife may be heading for a $460 million divorce. “Things between Tom and Gisele have been strained for a long time,” their insider claims. “Gisele is ramping up the social media activity because her marriage is breaking down.” Even though things looked fine and dandy between the two after Gisele’s sweet birthday message to Tom, the couple have reportedly been fighting for weeks on end. Not too long after Tom’s birthday dinner at the beginning of Aug., the couple had a HUGE fight.

“As soon as they got home, things really came to a head,” the insider continued. “They started bickering and it turned into a fight where they each dredged up every issue with the other that they’d been suppressing.” Since his birthday dinner, the couple have reportedly been communicating via angry texts. After their big blowout, the source is saying Gisele is looking to move back to Brazil without him for a few months. “Things have never been this bad,” the insider said. “Gisele told Tom that if he didn’t make more of an effort, she might go back to Brazil for a few months to think about the future.” With so many issues going on between the two, the insider went on to say a split might be a relief for the famed quarterback.

Tom & Gisele’s Reported Game Plan For Divorce

Before Tom and Gisele officially tied the knot, they reportedly had an ironclad prenup drawn up since they were both wildly successful at the time. “Before they got married, Tom and Gisele already agreed how everything would be divided, so it would be straightforward,” the insider continued to say. “They’d have every reason to stay civil about their finances.” Not only do they plan on staying civil about their assets, they hope to do the same when it comes to their two kids. “They’re both great parents,” the insider said. “They’d want to keep things nice and easy for their sake, if nothing else.”

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— Michelle Phi