Andy Grammer Admits Temptations In Marriage Influenced ‘Honey I’m Good’ — Listen

Andy Grammar is getting real about the temptations of cheating. The hunky singer dropped by the HollywoodLife podcast to dish to us EXCLUSIVELY all about his smash hit 'Honey I'm Good' and staying faithful to his wife! Andy Grammar, 31, has quickly become a household name due to his beyond-catchy single, "Honey I'm Good." The song (as you probably know considering it's likely playing on your radio right now) is pretty directly about the opportunity to cheat-- and deciding not to. Andy recently chatted with us on the HollywoodLife podcast, and spilled whether he's ever cheated on his wife and what he thinks about cheating in general. Listen to the whole thing right now!

Andy Grammer Honey Im Good
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“It’s totally there,” Andy revealed to us EXCLUSIVELY, speaking of the temptation to cheat. “It’s something that, if you ask me, I’ll tell you it’s not the right move at all, so I try to be a good guy.”

Andy assured us that, despite those temptations, he’s been faithful to his wife, Aijia Lise, whom he’s been married to since 2012. “I totally am a good guy,”  he clarified. “I’ve never cheated on my wife ever. But to say that it doesn’t exist or it doesn’t happen and saying you never deal with it would be lying.”

Totally admire his transparency– both in conversation and in his music. “Writing an honest song about [temptation] is cool,” he said of “Honey I’m Good.” Well, not only is the song beneficial for Andy but, obviously, it is a jam for all of us listening– and to think that it almost didn’t even happen!

“I wrote that one, that was the last song I wrote before we made the album,” he said. “So yeah, we’d already written like a ton of songs, like 100 songs, that one came out at the very end, thank God.” Thank God, indeed!

Do you think Andy’s got the right ideas about cheating and temptation?

— Casey Mink

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