‘UnREAL’ Preview: Adam Tries To Make Anna Orgasm On Camera — Watch

The new episode of  'UnREAL' is going to be seriously scandalous but, like, what else is new? In this preview, we see Adam and Anna go on a solo date, with a very specific objective: to make each other orgasm-- without touching! With Mary officially sleeping with the fishes (RIP), we are down to the final few contestants on Everlasting, the reality show within UnREAL. On the July 20 episode, each of the women is going to get a one-on-one date with Adam (Freddie Stroma), but from the looks of this sneak peek, Anna's (Johanna Braddy) might be the most memorable! Watch it now to get, uh, excited for the new episode!

“With practice, partners can make love for hours,” Adam and Anna are informed as they take seats on the floor across from one another. “And have orgasms without touching,” they’re told as Anna makes some serious bedroom eyes at her suitor.

Of course, Rachel (Shiri Appleby) and co. watch from the monitors, taking varying amounts of pleasure in what they’re seeing. “I’d totally do her,” Chet (Craig Bierko) says. Yeah, we know you would Chet. We know you would.

Anyways, back to that hands free playtime, Adam and Anna attempt to “breathe each other in,” and it almost looks like it’s working. Of course, the production cuts in. “Sorry guys, sound needs us to hold for a plane,” a PA says. Wow, talk about a buzzkill. However, as we know on UnREAL, much of the best drama comes when the cameras stop rolling.

“I don’t know about you, but I prefer physical touch when I orgasm,” Anna tells Adam after they’ve cut. “Are you making a pass at me?” Adam asks, more bashfully than he needs to. Come on Adam, we know you know where this is going!

Do you guys want to see Adam hook up with Anna? Or are you perhaps on the Adam/Rachel train?

— Casey Mink

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