Tyga’s Confession To Caitlyn Jenner About Cheating On Kylie

With all the cheating accusations floating around, which suggest Tyga betrayed Kylie by sleeping with a transgender woman, the rapper felt obligated to meet up with her dad, Caitlyn Jenner, and come clean about everything. Find out what Tyga revealed to Caitlyn! It's often said that the truth will set you free. Well, Tyga, 25, must be aware of this because he reached out to Kylie Jenner's dad, Caitlyn Jenner, 65, to address all the rumors about him. Especially the one about him cheating on Kylie, 17, with a transgender woman named Mia Isabella, 29.

Tyga Cheating Confession To Caitlyn Jenner
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Tyga doesn’t ever want Caitlyn to think he’s mistreating Kylie. “Tyga wanted to make it clear to Cailtyn that first and foremost, he loves Kylie. He told Cailtyn that he’s not with her for the wrong reasons and that he doesn’t want her money. Tyga explained to Caitlyn that he’s never loved a woman like he loves Kylie and that he intends to spend the rest of his life with her. Tyga also addressed rumors that he’s cheated on Kylie with a transgender woman,” a source tells HollywoodLife.com EXCLUSIVELY. To hear more about Kylie Jenner and Tyga, head over to iTunes and download the latest HollywoodLife podcast for free!

Tyga denied cheating on Kylie, but he also took the high road and refrained from saying anything bad about Mia.

“Tyga told Cailtyn he did not cheat and referred to Mia as a beautiful woman. Tyga told Cailtyn he loves everyone and has no qualms with how others live their lives. He simply wanted Cailtyn to know that he never cheated on Kylie and that these reports are all lies,” our source adds.

We have to say, it’s pretty big of Tyga to not only hold back from saying anything bad about Mia, who possibly initiated the rumors, but to take time out of his day to meet with Caitlyn and ease her mind. That’s a true gentleman. Kylie found a keeper!

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— Chris Rogers, Reporting by Eric Ray


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