Mia Isabella: Transgender Model Allegedly Accusing Tyga Of Sexual Three-Year Affair

Has Tyga been cheating on Kylie Jenner? Mia Isabella, a well-known transgender porn star is reportedly claiming she has been hooking up with Tyga for the past three years and that it overlapped with Kylie and Blac Chyna. There were also pics of a man's erect penis being shopped around and Tyga has since said it's indeed him. Tyga has some pretty big accusations being thrown at him. The 25-year-old rapper is reportedly being accused by Mia Isabella, 29, of having an ongoing sexual relationship that spans the course of three years. This would mean that it was going on when he was with Blac Chyna and also while he's been dating Kylie Jenner. An insider sent alleged texts between Mia and Tyga to HollywoodLife.com and multiple other media outlets.

Those alleged texts and pics have been published on LoveBScott.com and an insider tells HollywoodLife.com: “[Tyga and Mia] had an on going relationship for almost 3 years since she moved to LA. She’s down for him has been since he was with Chyna.” In the reported text messages an alleged Tyga and Mia discuss what they would say if this story ever became public and Mia said she would claim she worked on his clothing line. Here is the text where they allegedly discussed covering up their reported relationship. Mia allegedly writes: “If any haters try to publicly connect us I’ll only ever say we were friends through fashion because of my work as a stylist and your clothing line, never sexual. Cuz that hoe who used to be my roommate been running her mouth and that b*tch we did a 3 some with last summer in weho who used to be my friend.” Tyga then allegedly responds: “Ok, don’t trip. That’s why we gotta be low key, can’t trust no one.”

Mia Isabella, who has appeared on the hit show, Sons of Anarchy, underwent facial feminization surgery which consisted of chin, jawline, and nasal bone reduction and a mid and upper facelift.  She has also had breast augmentation surgery and undergone gender reassignment surgery. Meanwhile, Kylie and Tyga spent the Fourth of July together with her half-brother, Brody Jenner. A source tells HollywoodLife.com that Tyga has plans to propose to Kylie around her 18th birthday in her new mansion!

We have reached out to Mia, Tyga and Kylie’s camps for reaction but so far no word back. However, sources close to Kylie EXCLUSIVELY tell HollywoodLife.com that Kylie plans on standing by her man!

HollywoodLifers, do you think this is true?

— Susan Johnson 

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