‘Teen Beach 2’ Cast Reveal Hopes For 3-D Sequel — Interviews

You know you want another 'Teen Beach!' The second film hits Disney Channel tonight, but HollywoodLIfe.com spoke with the cast at the premiere, and everyone's on board for a 3D movie! Let's make this happen. Could McKenzie (Maia Mitchell) and Brady (Ross Lynch) go off to college together? What trouble will Tanner (Garrett Clayton) get into next? These are all questions that we could have answered in a third Teen Beach movie. So, we took the opportunity to see if the actors were on board and well, if it's up to them, it should be happening!

Here’s what the cast had to say on a potential third movie:

I loved this movie, I love these guys, I love shooting these movies but I haven’t heard anything about it, I mean they are probably talking about it and I loved working on them so I would be open to it absolutely!” – Maia Mitchell

“I am game! I’m game! To get to work with all these people except Maia Mitchell would be so much fun!” – John DeLuca

“Gosh! I would be down, I would be there!” – Piper Curda

“Oh I like that, I love that! That is a great idea, throw it out there!” – Ross Lynch

“I’m never jonesing to get to one hundred degree weather with one hundred percent humidity but people who always ask if there will be a third one just need to know that the actors are always the last to know… “I think that’s a good thing because if we even knew it was a possibility we would nag them to make it all the time! Actors want to work all the time!” — Garrett Clayton

Do you want a Teen Beach 3D? In the meantime, tune into the Disney Channel on Friday, June 26 at 8PM for Teen Beach 2, your new favorite movie.

— Emily Longeretta, with reporting by Russ Weakland

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