Britney Spears & Charlie Ebersol Split: Why Her Dad Didn’t Want Her To Marry Him

Papa does preach! Britney Spears was ready to marry Charlie Ebersol until her father, Jamie Spears, intervened and told her not to. has EXCLUSIVELY learned why Jamie didn't think Charlie was right for his daughter. Britney Spears, 33, was ready for Charlie Ebersol, 32, to put a ring on it, that is, until Jamie Spears, 62, stepped in and put an end to it. After all of her romantic turmoil, it seemed like Charlie was "the one" for the "Toxic" singer, but now, has EXCLUSIVELY learned Jamie's reasons for keeping Charlie from becoming the third Mr. Spears.

Britney Spears Charlie Ebersol Break Up
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Charlie seemed like such a sweet guy, but Jamie had some very specific reasons why he wasn’t the one for his daughter. “Jamie doesn’t want Britney getting married again. He doesn’t want a man coming in and dismantling the work that he and others have done to get Britney in the place where she is now,” a source told EXCLUSIVELY. “Jamie liked Charlie, but never in a million years thought his relationship with Britney would be this intense. Every man she’s been with, she’s wanted to marry: Adnan [Ghalib], Jason [Trawick], David [Lucado], and now Charlie. Jamie didn’t break them up, though. He simply talked to Britney. He reminded her of her past and warned her what could happen if she were to marry Charlie.”

It’s good to know that Jamie has Brit’s best interest at heart, but we do so badly want her to find the one!

Our source had more details, saying, “Jamie’s very convincing. Sure, he wants Brit to be happy and in love, but doesn’t think she’s ready. He’s witnessed his daughter go through the roughest part of her life. She had a mental breakdown and even lost custody of her children. As long as Jamie’s breathing, he’s going to talk to Britney and convince her of what she should do. Luckily, Britney’s listening to him.” Sounds like she’s lucky to have such a caring father.

Britney Spears And Charlie Ebersol Almost Got Engaged Before Split

So before their shocking split, just how close were Britney and Charlie to getting engaged? “Britney and Charlie were a second away from becoming engaged. She loved him and he loved her. Charlie was just a great guy,” a source tells EXCLUSIVELY. “He was great to Britney and her two children [Sean, 9, and Jayden, 7]. He treated them all with love, kindness and respect. He seemed like The One.” So sad that he wasn’t the one. Either way, we just want Brit to be happy!

What do you think, HollywoodLifers? Was Jamie right to stop Britney from getting engaged? Sound off below!

— Alex Cramer

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