Amanda Seyfried Ready For Kids With Justin Long? The Truth

It sounds like someone has a case of baby fever! While promoting her new movie 'Ted 2', Amanda Seyfried has revealed that she has babies on the brain. So how soon will we be seeing a baby 'Mean Girl' or boy? Amanda Seyfried, 29, and Justin Long have been serious for a few years now, so it's not surprising that babies are being discussed. The actress opened up in a new interview about her plans on bringing little ones into the world.

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Man, time flies by when your busy being a movie star! Amanda knows that her career is very time consuming, but she already has a solid plan in place when it comes to starting a family. Although she is about to hit 30, the Ted 2 actress revealed that she has plenty of time to have kids.

The actress told E! News, “I’m only 29—or I’m almost 30! See, there’s such a small gap there. It’s crazy.” So, what sort of timetable are we talking about here when it comes to having children? The actress admitted, “I’d like to have one in the next four or five years.”

The blonde beauty went on to say, “And the second one can happen between 35 and 40. Or I can adopt…It’s fine. I definitely want to a couple kids.” That’s amazing — good for her to being open about adopting.

Amanda has discussed kids before and admitted that she wants them to go to local schools. “I want to have kids. And I want them to go to local schools, and there are some really good schools around here,” she told Vogue. “I would like my life to be the same as it is now, but with a little less stress and a little less work.”

Amanda Called ‘Titsy’ By ‘Today’ Show Anchor

It’s been quite the press tour for Amanda. The actress appeared on the Today show June 24 to promote Ted 2, and things got awkward real fast. Co-host Willie Geist was introducing Amanda when he accidentally flubbed her name, and called her “titsy”!

“We all know Amanda Seyfried from her roles as the nice, if a bit titsy…” Willie started to say, before quickly making the correction. “Ditzy, excuse me, teen from Mean Girls. She was ditzy is what I meant to say!” Whoopsie, the damage is already done Willie. We now know where your mind was — watch it here!

HollywoodLifers — do you think that’s a great timetable for Amanda? Let us know your thoughts below!

— Brittany King

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