Hugh Hefner Slams Holly Madison’s Disses: She’s Trying To ‘Stay In The Spotlight’

Feud alert! After retired playmate Holly Madison dished dirty details on her time spent in the Playboy Mansion, the king of the castle (and her ex) Hugh Hefner is speaking out and calling BS on all her claims! Hugh Hefner, 89, is not going down with out a fight. When the men's magazine magnate heard his former lady love and house bunny, Holly Madison, 35, bashed her experience living at his famed Holmbly Hills, CA estate, he couldn't help but strike back. Holly's accusations against Hef were discussed in a revealing interview to promote her new memoir, Down The Rabbit Hole -- and now the senior citizen is saying it's Miss Madison's attempt to "stay in the spotlight." Read on to see what else he had to say!

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“Over the course of my life I’ve had more than my fair share of romantic relationships with wonderful women,” Hugh said in a statement to People on June 22. “Many moved on to live happy, healthy and productive lives and I’m pleased to say remain dear friends today. Sadly, there are a few who have chosen to rewrite history in an attempt to stay in the spotlight.” Ouch!

Right now, it’s Hef’s words against Holly’s — so it’s hard to decipher what’s true or not. While the 89-year-old was quick to dismiss his one-time girlfriend’s gripes, she did have a lot of horrifying details to share. The blonde beauty revealed that living inside Hugh’s quarters was a “nightmare” and even admitted that she sadly contemplated taking her own life because of it. Why would anyone just make that up, right?!

Holly Madison’s Tell-All: Hugh Hefner Cruelly Pitted Playmates Against Each Other

So what drove Holly to her suicidal, Playboy Mansion hell? Well, a combination of things according to the centerfold turned mom-of-one.

When Holly entered the mansion in 2001, she was forced to face hazing from other bunnies who had higher reserve with Mr. Hefner. “There were always different political alliances with the girls,” she told the June 22 issue of Us Weekly. “Hef liked to play the main girlfriend off the youngest one to try and create competition.” So shady.

The torment of living in the iconic home didn’t end with cattiness from other models. In addition to having haters, Holly says that at just 21 years old, she met Hef at a nightclub where he offered her “thigh-opening” drugs — which became the very first night she ever stayed at the mansion. Yikes!

While the Alaska-native said no to drugs — she did say yes to moving in with Hef. Looking back on the decision, Holly wishes she never fell for his spell. “I want to scream ‘PAUSE!’ and freeze-frame that moment of my life,” the former Girls Next Door star divulges. “I want to grab that young girl, shake her back into reality and scream, ‘What the hell are you thinking?’”

HollywoodLifers — who do YOU believe? Hef or Holly? Let us know!

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