Ruby Rose: ‘OITNB’ Star Victim Of Sexual Abuse & Attempted Suicide As A Child

So sad. Ruby Rose didn't have the easiest childhood. The newest star of 'Orange Is The New Black' was the victim of 'incestuous sexual abuse' and even tried to take her own life when she was just 12 years old, she reportedly admitted in a past interview. Ruby Rose, 29, is everyone's favorite new star, and even she has struggled with demons. The actress, who plays Stella Carlin on Orange Is The New Black, bravely revealed in a 2013 interview that she was sexually abused as a child, her tragic suicide attempt at age 12 and her ongoing struggle with depression.

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Ruby Rose Sexually Abused
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“My past involved incestuous sexual abuse – and a turbulent home life which was not always safe,” Ruby reportedly said in a 2013 interview, according to The Daily Telegraph. She also admitted that she attempted suicide at 12 years old. “I was getting suicidal thoughts when I shouldn’t have even known what suicide was at that age.”

“At times I’ve wanted to stop living,” she said in the interview. “I would isolate myself. I would stop calling friends, stop returning any text messages or calls.” In 2013, she revealed that she was still battling depression. “I have had depression for more years than I can remember, As a child I was subjected to sexual abuse, as well as many other traumas I need not bore you with and I was first medicated at around 14 for PTSD after finding a dead body. After that many of you know I was bullied at school, raised with very little money by a single mum and somehow through it all survived, thrived (with some ups and downs, lets be honest) but the kid turned out alright,” she wrote on Facebook.

Ruby Rose Strips Down On ‘Orange Is The New Black’

The actress is now captivating audiences on Orange Is The New Black. During her season three arc, she went fully nude for a steamy scene with Taylor Schilling, who plays Piper Chapman. Standing completely naked in the shower, Ruby revealed her incredible body on the show.

But this isn’t the first time that Ruby has stripped down. She went fully nude for Maxim magazine in 2011. Back then, Ruby was rocking long, dirty blonde hair — a far cry from her darker, sleeker ‘do on the hit Netflix show. Either way, Ruby looks fantastic, and we can’t wait to see more of her as she takes over Hollywood.

— Avery Thompson