‘Marriage Boot Camp’: Kendra Threatens Tami — ‘Don’t Touch My F**king Husband’

On the June 19 episode of 'Marriage Boot Camp,' things get super tense between Kendra and Tami. Click inside to WATCH the girl fight go down! Kendra Wilkinson, 30, and Hank Baskett, 35, have been attempting to mend their marriage on the current season of Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars, and it actually seems to be working. That is, until, co-star Tami Roman, 45, decided to ask Hank a few questions about his alleged cheating, and then tried to touch him. As you can imagine, Kendra refused to let this happen and she totally goes off on Tami. Yikes!

Ever since her Girls Next Door days, we’ve known that Kendra isn’t one to just sit back and let things simmer if she’s feeling upset. Kendra likes to let her anger out, and Tami really should have known not to cross her co-star! During a cast dinner on Marriage Boot Camp, the Basketball Wives star decided it would be a great time to start asking Hank a few questions about his alleged cheating past. That did not sit well with Kendra, who quickly chimed in as a fierce defender of her honey.

However, it wasn’t until Tami extended her hand toward Hank that Kendra totally lost it. “Don’t touch my f–king husband!” she screamed. Unfortunately for Kendra, Tami was ready for a fight and made sure to let everyone know it. “I would advise you that you not stand the f–k up against me,” Tami tells Kendra, threatening her in return.

“I’m standing the f–k up,” Kendra replies, letting Tami know that she is not afraid of her. Whoa!

As the two fight, throwing verbal jabs left and right, Hank attempts to soothe his wife and stop the altercation. He even covers Kendra’s mouth and pleads with her to stop. But keeping her husband and his integrity safe, especially after they’ve been through so much on this program while attempting to salvage their marriage, means Kendra can’t let something like this go. She has to let Tami have it.

“You will be apologizing very soon,” Kendra tells Tami, who is clearly not afraid of her blonde co-star. “Bitch, I don’t apologize,” Tami replies. Well, we have a feeling that this fight is going to last a bit longer than one episode!

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— Samantha Wilson 

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