Ruby Rose Interviewed Taylor Schilling About ‘Raunchy’ Sex Before ‘OITNB’ — Watch

Talk about a throwback! Ruby Rose is totally heating up the screen on this season of 'Orange is the New Black,' but it turns out this isn't the first time she's appeared on camera with Taylor Schilling! Sure, everyone is losing their minds about Ruby Rose now (yes, we've seen her shower scene). However, before she was breaking hearts on Orange is the New Black, Ruby had actually already appeared on screen with her Litchfield lover, Taylor Schilling. While Taylor was promoting The Lucky One with Zac Efron, Ruby interviewed the two of them about their film. Better yet, in what may have been a sign from the universe, Ruby asked Taylor about her "raunchy" sex scenes! Surely, Ruby has a new understanding of that at this point!

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Rewind to 2012 when Ruby was working as an Australian correspondent, and her job was to ask Taylor and Zac all about their new movie. Like a good little reporter, Ruby had done her research!

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At first, she asked Zac about his “mistake tattoos,” which is apparently a term for the first ink soldiers get in combat. Zac was clearly impressed with her knowledge (and was perhaps a little smitten but, like, duh). However, that wasn’t the money question.

“What’s it like watching the film back?” Ruby asks. “Obviously it’s a beautiful journey, but then there’s some seriously raunchy scenes.”

Upon hearing the word “raunchy,” Taylor immediately perked up (remember this was pre-OITNB). “I haven’t heard that word used to describe the love scenes,” she said. Zac Also seemed surprised by Ruby invoking “raunch,” and actually disagreed with it. “They were in love, it’s delicate,” he said.

Yeah, Zac. “Delicate.” And so are the Orange shower scenes!

Can you believe Ruby interviewed Taylor pre-OITNB? And how are you liking her character this season?

— Casey Mink