‘Dawson’s Creek’ Writers Finally Reveal Why Joey Picked Pacey

Why did the girls have boy names? Why would Jen be killed off at the end? And why did Joey end up with Pacey? Well the answers many shock you and luckily, the writers have revealed all. Moderated by the one and only Julie Plec, the panel at the ATX TV Festival in Austin, Texas, consisted of creator Kevin Williamson, producer Paul Stupin, Jenni Bicks, Rob Thomas, Gina Fatore and Anna Fricke. And Julie asked the questions we all wanted the answers too. So, here you go.

Dawson's Creek Writers Room

The episode before the two-hour finale was actually written as the finale, the writers revealed during the reunion. You know, when Joey gathers all the money, then sets up the guys to meet and they agreeing that at the end of the day, they’d both always love her. However, the network decided to bring Kevin back for a two-part time hop special.

Paul and Kevin both agreed before beginning writing that Dawson and Joey would end up together. Half way through writing the episode, Kevin changed his mind. “I always wanted this show to be sort of the twist on the teen drama. I wanted this show to be surprising and honest and real. And I also wanted to say something about soul mates. So I ultimately did it both ways,” he said adding that he felt all three of them were soul mates in one way or another.

“Everyone got their fulfillment and they were all happy” at the end. Dawson’s one true love was Spielberg. Pacey realized he was worth something when he fell in love with Joey. While some of the audience booed and others cheered, Kevin honestly said, “Guys my mother hates me.”

Julie also asked each writer who they wanted Joey with at the end. Every one picked Pacey — except Paul, who stuck with Dawson.

Fun Tidbits From ‘Dawson’s Creek’ Writers Room Reunion

-Dawson’s Creek was originally sold to Fox, but they dumped it because they were struggling with “Party of Five” and it “read like a period piece.” They also said, “no one talks like that.” Luckily, the WB loved it.

-Grams didn’t exist in the pilot originally.

-Pacey fulfilled the “Jim Belushi” character, as Paul Stupin calls it.

-Dawson and Joey’s kiss in the season one finale happened because Kevin wanted something different — he didn’t want to be every other show, where the whole show was about keeping them apart. “Joey longed for Dawson, and I always find myself longing for something,” Kevin said. “I think that’s such a great emotion.”

-This wasn’t a “teen show,” but instead “a show that was about people that just happened to be in high school,” according to Jenni.

-Kevin calls season two “Pacey’s pond.”

-The original song was not Paula Cole‘s “I Don’t Wanna Wait,” but Alanis Morsiette‘s “Hand in My Pocket.” They couldn’t get the rights — and then they did finally get it for the finale when we saw the home video. Rob Thomas also uses Paula’s since once in Veronica Mars as a shout out.

-Jack was made in a way, for Kevin. “Every single character is one of my personalities,” he said, explaining how he, in a way, was every one of the main four characters, and was from “the real Dawson’s Creek.” However he didn’t know how to bring in the element that he grew up as a gay teen. So, before Jack, the only way to do it was to give the two main characters boy names.

-The gay poem episode was a real-life experience for Greg Berlanti.

-The writers admitted that Eve wasn’t that great of an idea. It took a bad turn when Eve caused Dawson to crash his boat in the premiere, you know because they were fooling around. And once she was gone they “just moved on.” Luckily, that episode ended with Joey and Pacey on the deck. Luckily, Kevin knew that the Joey and Pacey were going to get together in season one during their extra credit project.

-As for Ms. Jacobs (Leann Hunley), Kevin said there were many story lines in the news at the time of teacher-student relationships. So, he dove into a “modern day version” of The Summer of ’42. While the network was fine with the storyline, they were “happy when it was over.”

Stay tuned from the pilot script reading with Kevin Williamson and “surprise guests.” Trust me, they’re good.

— Emily Longeretta

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