‘RHOA: Kandi’s Ski Trip’: Mama Joyce Out Of Control, Family Intervention?

Mama drama alert! The erratic behavior of Kandi Burruss' mother, Mama Joyce, has been well-documented on 'RHOA.' But now, it has spilled over into the Bravolebrity's spin-off, 'Kandi's Ski Trip' -- and Kandi's fam is seriously worried! Poor Kandi Burruss, 39! Mama Joyce has put a lot of stress on the Real Housewives Of Atlanta star over the years by picking fights with her hubby, Todd Tucker, 37. Well now, Joyce has decided to cause even more problems by tormenting Kandi's BFF and assistant, Carmon Cambrice. After an intense verbal attack, Kandi's family reveal they believe Joyce's mean spirit stems from all "the medication she's on." (Gasp!) Take a look at what's going down on the finale of Kandi's Ski Trip in this EXCLUSIVE sneak peek!

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“We never had a problem, me and Mama Joyce,” Carmon tells Kandi’s aunts and Mama Joyce’s sisters, Nora and Bertha in the clip. “As soon as I started working for Kandi, then it became a problem.”

As viewers know, Ms. Joyce is incredibly territorial of Kandi — and her money. Anyone who she thinks is taking advantage of her daughter financially is immediately “no good.” Unfortunately, Carmon has found herself on Joyce’s bad side — and has been forced to confront the senior citizen’s claim that she slept with Kandi’s husband.

While Kandi’s aunts don’t believe Mama Joyce’s story about Carmon’s supposed tryst with Todd, they do have a theory about her cruel demeanor. “She’s on a lot of medication right now,” Aunt Bertha sighs. “Don’t nobody know what that medicine is doing.” Maybe what the medication is “doing” is causing Kandi’s mom to lash out at Carmon. On last week’s episode, Mama Joyce cursed her out, saying, “F–k you, you little a–hole!” Yikes!

Mama Joyce takes medication after undergoing brain surgery to prevent a stroke or an aneurism. “After the surgery Joyce had, one day Joyce is okay. The next day it’s a new Joyce because of the surgery,” Bertha explains. Here’s to hoping there are more “okay” days to come!

Instead holding a grudge against the 65-year-old, Carmon is showing her sympathy. “I just kind of feel sorry for Mama Joyce,” she explains. “The situation is beyond me. It’s beyond the rumor. It’s some real issues that Mama Joyce needs to solve.”

Aunt Nora agrees. “I’m so worried about my sister!” she cries. “I don’t know. What can I do to help my sister? I don’t know! I just, I just don’t know.”

The Real Housewives Of Atlanta: Kandi’s Ski Trip finale airs June 7 at 8 p.m. on Bravo.

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