Raven Symone Admits She Wants To Sleep Alone So She Can Fart

TMI, Raven! During a discussion about sleeping in the same bed as your partner on 'The View,' Raven was honest when she said she likes to sleep alone -- and her reason is actually amazing! Raven Symone is legit SO funny! The 29-year-old actress joined the hosts on The View on May 26 and she was not shy when talking about her....flatulence. The panel was discussing the downside to sleeping in the same bed as your parter and Raven's opinion was hilarious -- see exactly what she said!

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Raven Symone Talks About Farting While Sleeping Alone On ‘The View’ — So Funny

The hosts of The View were debating about whether it’s better to sleep in the same bed as your partner or have separate beds/rooms. They talked about how some couples prefer sleeping in different temperatures, so it’s just easier to have separate rooms sometimes.

Then, our queen Raven, decided to be super honest when she admitted she prefers to sleep alone so she can “just let it out” whenever she pleases! Oh Raven, you are seriously hysterical.

Fans Loved Raven’s Joke & Wants Her On ‘The View’ Permanently

We weren’t the only ones who loved Raven’s hilarious fart comments! Fans are hoping she is chosen to be a regular host on The View going forward!

Whoopi Goldberg, 59, revealed that the show is trying to make Raven a regular host on the May 21st episode!

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HollywoodLifers, do you think Raven is hilarious? What did you think of her fart comments? Let us know in the comments below!

— Shira Benozilio 

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