Vanessa Hudgens Calls Out Ashley Tisdale As The Biggest Diva On ‘HSM’?

Uh-oh! Is Vanessa Hudgens striking out at Ashley Tisdale for diva like behavior on the set of 'High School Musical'? During the May 21 taping of 'Watch What Happens Live,' Vanessa didn't hold back when Andy Cohen asked the tough questions! Vanessa Hudgens, 26, was put on the spot during Watch What Happens Live after Andy Cohen, 46, grilled her about who the biggest diva was during the taping of High School Musical. Like a classy girl would, no shade was thrown at Ashley Tisdale, 29, but more targeted at her bestie's character, Sharpay!

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Vanessa Hudgens Dissing Ashley Tisdale On ‘Watch What Happens Live’?

“I mean, I feel like if you are playing Sharpay, you have to be a diva. But we are best friends, she’s a sweetheart,” Vanessa said during the interview. “But her character is a diva.”

If one thing is for certain, we have to give Vanessa major props for being so honest! It’s definitely not easy being put on the spot like that, so good for you, girl!

While she put that rumor to rest, the interview quickly turned to discuss yet another one of her BFF’s, Selena Gomez, 22.

Vanessa Hudgens: Why I Helped Selena Gomez Hide From Justin Bieber At Met Gala

“She’s one of my best friends, and you just want to have your girlfriend’s back, so that’s what I did,” Vanessa said during the taping. “We didn’t like try to avoid him or anything, but I mean, no one really wants to see your ex-boyfriend.”

Rumors went wild surrounding what REALLY went down with Selena during the Met Ball on May 4. After spotted crying, learned she turned to Kris Jenner, 59, for some extra support.

“Kris gave her a pep talk. She told her to be strong and hold her head up high. She told her she believes in her,” our insider revealed. “Selena’s grateful that Kris acknowledged how difficult the night was, but it made her get very emotional because it brought up all the hurt feelings.”

So, what do YOU think, HollywoodLifers? Do you think Ashley was the biggest diva on set? Comment below and let us know your thoughts!

— Joey Parker