Tyga’s Grandma Interview: Disses Blac Chyna — Likes Kylie Jenner Better

There's nothing like a grandmother's love! Tyga's grandma gave a very candid interview, spilling the beans on his relationship with Kylie Jenner, and she totally approves! Even better, she likes her more than Blac Chyna! The fight between Tyga, 25, Kylie Jenner, 17, and Blac Chyna, 26, has been roaring for months now, but there's someone here to settle things for once and for all -- Tyga's grandma, 70-year-old Kim Nguyen! The feisty granny made it known through an interview that she's not Blac's fan, good news for Kylie. Now can everyone settle down, please?

Tyga's Grandma Disses Blac Chyna
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Tyga’s Grandma Disses Blac Chyna: Kylie Jenner Is Better

Once you’ve got grandma’s approval, the relationship’s pretty much a done deal, right? Kylie should be happy knowing that Tyga’s beloved grandmother adores her, telling Daily Mail that she much rather prefers her grandson with her than with his ex, even though they have a two-year-old son, King Cairo, together.

“We all love Kylie and think that he’s better for Tyga than Blac,” Kim said. “She loves Vietnamese food, so we love to cook it for her whenever Tyga invites us to his home.”

How sweet is that? It sounds like Tyga’s family is just as smitten with Kylie as the rapper, and it’s lovely to hear that they’re welcoming her into the fold with such welcome arms! But those are some fighting words against Blac!

Kylie Jenner Pities Blac Chyna: She Knows Tyga’s Ex Can’t Compete

Kim said that she’s actually very relieved that Tyga’s trying to get Blac out of his life, and making Kylie a bigger presence in the family. Apparently, all the warnings Kylie’s sisters have been trying to tell Kylie about Blac are true — she’s not a very nice person, and Kim says she barely even sees her adorable toddler. How sad!

Tyga’s Grandma Weighs In On Their Age Difference

For Grandma Kim, there’s only one thing important about Tyga’s relationship with Kylie: that Kylie’s a “lovely girl,” and that her grandson is happier than he was with his ex. Asked if she’s bothered by their age difference, and the answer is a definitive no.

“Tyga is only a baby himself, so we don’t see what the problem is,” she said. “All we care about is that she is a lovely girl, from a well educated family who are a great influence on Tyga.”

It’s true that the Kardashian-Jenner clan are one of the most influential families in the business, and hanging out with them would be quite an experience. Hopefully they’ve been as open and welcoming toward Tyga as his sweet family seems to have been to Kylie!

HollywoodLifers, do you think grandma is right to like Kylie more than Blac?

— Samantha Wilson 

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