‘Eye Candy’ Cancelled: Why The Show Deserved A Second Season

I was devastated when I learned that 'Eye Candy' wouldn't be returning for a second season. The show was one of my favorite new shows of the season. In my ode to 'Eye Candy,' I'm going to tell you why the show deserved a second chance.

Victoria Justice
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I’m not joking, my Monday nights revolved around Eye Candy. As the 22-year-old fangirl that I am, I became obsessed with the show instantly. I pretty much watch and love everything on MTV, so it wasn’t hard to reel me in. After a crazy, open-ended finale and a rollercoaster season, Eye Candy was one of those shows that really needed a second season. Lindy’s (Victoria Justice) story was just beginning, as well as her relationship with Tommy (Casey Deidrick). Mourn with me, Tindy shippers.

I’ve spent years watching Law & Order: SVU and CSI reruns, so I jumped at the chance to watch an action-packed, terrifying thriller for the younger generation. Eye Candy had everything I wanted in a TV show — suspense, romance, actual eye candy, and an unnervingly realistic scare factor.

I’ve never been on Tinder, but my naturally paranoid self will never be venturing into online dating apps after watching Eye Candy. The Flirtual killer scared. the. pants. off. me. I’m a single girl in New York City, and this show had me looking over my shoulder in the best way. I spent 10 episodes wondering who the Flirtual killer was.

The killer turned out to be Jake, and I was floored. That storyline had been wrapped up by season’s end, but I still firmly believe that Jake had a sidekick. The show could have gone in so many directions in season two. Lindy spent her days chasing after her sister, and she finally got a clue in the season finale. She headed off into the unknown, leaving us all to wonder what the next development in her story would be.

But let’s get the root of the point: Tommy and Lindy. I shipped these two hardcore since day one. Their chemistry was off the charts, and you knew Tommy really loved Lindy, even though he knew it was wrong. They only kissed once. ONCE. It was hot, but I wanted more. I wanted Tommy and Lindy to say “I love you.” I wanted them to get their happy ending. The fact that I’ll never get to see Tommy and Lindy have an actual relationship really upsets me.

In the final episode, Tommy vowed to never stop looking for Lindy. In my dream world, I guess I’ll have to assume they find each other. Lindy will inevitably get herself into trouble, and Tommy will run to her rescue.

Just like this:


This was my ode to Eye Candy. I hope I did the show justice. For now, I’ll just be sobbing my eyes out over the cancellation (and likely writing fanfiction).


Honestly, I haven’t been this upset since Veronica Mars got cancelled. I’m going to need a few days. Rest in peace, Eye Candy. You were good to me.

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