Taylor Swift & Calvin Harris: Off The Chart Hot Sex All Night Long

Ooh, steamy! Taylor Swift's relationship with Calvin Harris is really heating up in the hottest of ways. Before her '1989' Tour begins in May, Taylor is making the best of her time -- by getting it on with Calvin in the bedroom! The relationship between Taylor Swift, 25, and Calvin Harris, 31, has gone from zero to sixty in a matter of weeks. Not long ago, they were just friendly acquaintances. Now, they're a full-on couple who can't keep their hands off one another! A source EXCLUSIVELY tells HollywoodLife.com all about their outrageous new sex life.

Calvin Harris & Taylor Swift Sex Life: Off The Chart Love-Making

Taylor has recently taken her love life with Calvin to the next level. The pop star’s idea of a perfect date night includes a whole lot of love-making, HollywoodLife.com has EXCLUSIVELY learned.

“[Calvin] comes over and they will stay up talking, and may even start watching a movie–but things get steamy pretty quickly,” a source tells HollywoodLife.com EXCLUSIVELY. “Neither one of them are getting much sleep as they stay up till 4, 5 in the morning getting it on. If they don’t have work they sleep in, eat and then go at it some more.”

Holy. Hotness. But wait — there’s more!

“Taylor thinks Calvin is so so incredibly sexy. She thinks he’s by far the sexiest man she’s ever been with. They only one who came close was John Mayer but she was such a kid back then she didn’t know what she was doing,” the source continues.

The “Bad Blood” singer now feels completely comfortable with her sexuality, thanks to her DJ boyfriend.

“Now that she’s older, she really loves being intimate with a man like Calvin. He makes her feel so beautiful and attractive,” the insider adds. “She even has crazy sex fantasies about him when they are apart. Things are only getting hotter too, so she can’t wait to see whats next. To be honest, she is open to doing things she has never done before because Calvin makes her feel so safe.”

Calvin: The Best Blend Of All Taylor’s Exes

The reason Taylor’s chemistry with Calvin has been so explosive? Maybe it’s because he’s a combo of all the things Taylor loved about each of her exes!

“He’s like the best parts of her exes all wrapped into one,” the source explains. “He has the sexually chemistry of John, the charm of Harry [Styles], the heart of Jake[Gyllenhaal] and the body of Taylor [Lautner].”

Calvin Harris Spotted Sneaking Out Of Taylor Swift’s House

If you’re not convinced that things are getting steamy and serious between Calvin and Taylor, don’t forget — on April 14 he was photographed leaving her house, despite canceling a show due to food poisoning just three days earlier.

But it’s not all about the sex. Taylor initially won Calvin over due to her way with words over text message! “She’s very charismatic on her phone,” Us Weekly reported. “She texts him a lot.”

Whatever they’re doing, it looks like it’s working! These two are such a great couple!

Tell us HollywoodLifers — what do YOU think of Taylor and Calvin’s hot and heavy romance?

— Evan Real, Reporting By Tim Plant

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