‘Wicked’ Tour: 10 Reasons To Go See The Broadway Musical On The Road

You might think you know everything about 'The Wizard Of Oz,' but the Broadway musical, 'Wicked,' starring Ashley Parker Angel, tells the untold story of the witches of Oz. I recently saw the show in Baltimore and it was fantastic! Here are 10 reasons why you should see it too. The Broadway production of Wicked has been around for over a decade, but the current North American tour of the long-running show felt like a great way for me to experience the story all over again. And I'm so glad I took the time to see the show at the Hippodrome Theatre in Baltimore, Maryland on April 2. Not only was the show amazing, but the only hunk from O-Town, Ashley Parker Angel, currently stars as Fiyero! He's reason enough to go see Wicked again and again, but read my list of other reasons why you should also see the musical on the road.

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‘Wicked’ On Tour — 10 Reasons To Go See The Show With Ashley Parker Angel

1. Ashley Parker Angel, 33, is hot. If you thought he was hunky during his “Liquid Dreams” days, then you’ll be happy to know that he’s even dreamier now. He plays Fiyero flawlessly and sings amazingly. Hopefully, he sticks with the tour for quite some time!

2. Honestly, the entire production was cast perfectly. Carrie St. Louis plays Glinda and she’ll have you laughing from start to finish. Also, Alyssa Fox brilliantly portrays Elphaba, who later becomes the Wicked Witch of the West.

3. The sets are out of this world. Just because this show’s not in the Gershwin Theater in New York doesn’t mean it’s any less magical. “We travel with everything, including the stage deck: all the lights, the speakers, the precinium, the costumes and props,” Wicked company manager Ryan Lympus told CBS Baltimore. It’s the same show, but it’s just in a different location.

4. The musical numbers are so damn catchy. Trust me when I say that after leaving the theatre, you’ll be singing songs like “Popular” and “As Long As You’re Mine” for days to come.

5. There’s a giant dragon! For the next four weeks, a giant dragon will be breathing down on audience members from above the stage.

6. Wicked tells “the story of Elphaba, the green witch, trying to fit into a world where she’s really different,” Ryan told CBS Baltimore. It’s a story that everyone can relate to.

7. The musical production’s version of the wizard puts the movie’s version to shame! It’s mechanical, scary and very large. Plus, it has bright red eyes, which are totally creepy.

8. The lighting is amazing. During the first act, the characters travel to Oz and the stage illuminates with bright green lights. It’s a sight you have to see!

9. If you’ve already seen Wicked in New York City, you should go see it on the road. You’ll experience it differently and enjoy it all the same — if not more!

10. Did we mention Ashley Parker Angel? OK — we know we did, but he’s totally worth mentioning twice. Not only is he great as Fiyero, but he fills out his costumes quite nicely! (Just look at the photo above.)

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— Chris Rogers

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