‘The Walking Dead’: How Rick Has Transformed Into Crazy Shane

It's official: Rick has become just as unpredictable and dangerous as his old pal Shane, who he killed in season two. From loving a married woman to killing for sport, here's how Rick's transformation into Shane has come full circle. On the March 22 episode of The Walking Dead, Rick (Andrew Lincoln) finally lost his cool on the people of Alexandria after nearly killing Jessie's abusive husband in front of everyone. A number of things have led our leader to this moment, and almost all of them seem to emulate the friend he was forced to kill, Shane (Jon Bernthal).

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‘The Walking Dead’: Rick Is Shane Now

My felling Dead fans, do you remember watching Shane slowly but surely unravel in season one? It happened a bit quicker for Shane, but Rick has definitely followed in those footsteps.

Five seasons later here we are in Alexandria, and, just like Shane once did, Rick desperately tried to keep his crazy at bay. He failed. Actually, he didn’t just fail, he completely bombed — and if it weren’t for Michonne stopping him, much like Rick often had to stop Shane, who knows what would have gone down at the end of the March 22 episode.

Remember in season one when Rick told Shane that they don’t “kill” people as punishment? Funny how Deanna had to say those exact same words to Rick that in season five.

Oh, and remember how Shane almost killed Rick in the woods when he turned his back on him? It was so similar to the moment Rick grabs the gun in his belt when he sees Pete and Jessie out for a stroll through the streets of Alexandria in broad daylight — and that was before he knew Pete was hitting her.

Let’s not forget the first half of season five, when Rick hit a police officer with a car after he escaped being held hostage by the group. When the blow from the vehicle didn’t kill him, Rick took it upon himself to shoot him right in the head for no reason other than the fact he has become the same jaded man that Shane once was.

Rick Played It Cool As Long As He Could

Sure, Rick and Shane’s descents into “crazy town” were much different, but the results were the same. Shane was already acting like a wild dog after living in the woods with Lori and Carl for so long, by the time Rick came along he was already jaded by the post-apocalypse life. Rick went into the aftermath wanting to be a hero, and he battled his demons for a while.

However, it’s probably safe to admit that killing Shane was the first step he took towards losing himself.

In Alexandria, Rick had a chance to start over. That chance wasn’t just for him, but it was also for his kids and the only “family” he has now. Although he never fully trusted the idea of Alexandria or Deanna herself, he let himself fall into a routine that must have made him feel normal again — especially working as a constable.

But, at the first sight of things not going his way, he snapped. When Rick completely lost it on Deanna, he also lost her trust. It’s possible he lost everyone’s trust, including Jessie, who stood by and watched him beat her husband to a bloody pulp in her defense.

Shane once lost everyone’s trust, too, back on the farm in season two. That’s when Rick shot him, and his son, Carl, was forced to take out walker Shane when he rose back up from the dead.

Tell us, HollywoodLifers — Do you agree that Rick has turned into Shane? Do you think Deanna is going to try to exile him because of the way he acted with Pete? Comment below with your thoughts!

— Lauren Cox

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