Zayn Malik: Chris Rock Mocks One Direction Singer For Bailing On Tour

Burn! Comedian Chris Rock is not impressed with Zayn Malik dropping out of the One Direction tour, and he made sure to let everyone know with a shade-filled tweet. Zayn Malik, 22, has raised eyebrows after his decision to leave the One Direction tour following his alleged cheating scandal. Now, he's become the butt of the joke, especially on social media as 50-year-old Chris Rock has proven with his latest tweet that totally mocks Zayn's situation. Ouch!

Chris Rock Mocks Zayn Malik
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Chris Rock Mocks Zayn Malik For Leaving One Direction Tour

If Zayn really is stressed out, this definitely isn’t going to help the situation.

“Saddest day in music since Tupac died,” Chris, a well-known comedian and actor captioned a screen shot that shows a picture of Zayn with a headline about him taking a hiatus the One Direction tour. Now that’s shade!

The tweet was posted on March 20, the day after a rep for 1D confirmed that Zayn would miss three of their shows due to “stress.” Apparently, Chris really isn’t convinced that this is break is genuine — or breaking news.

Interestingly enough, Zayn has been silent on social media since March 18 after he declared his love for his fiancee, Perrie Edwards, and slammed the allegations that he cheated on her in Thailand. Meanwhile, the Directioners have been nothing but supportive of Zayn’s break, and kept the hashtag “HaveAGoodRestZayn” for over 24 hours after the announcement. Impressive!

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— Lauren Cox

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