Human Barbie: Lacey Wildd Having 37th Surgery To Look Like Plastic Doll

Lacey Wildd, another Human Barbie, is preparing to undergo her 37th plastic surgery by getting her 13th boob job -- despite warnings from doctors. Yikes! Believe it or not, Lacey Wildd, 46, is a mother of six who aspires to look like a "cartoon character." Yes, really. Not only is she ready for another surgery, but she is concerned about her weight and managed to lose a drastic 20lbs in just six weeks so that she can become a size zero.

Human Barbie Lacey Wildd
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Human Barbie Lacey Wildd: 37th Plastic Surgery

Can you imagine going under the knife almost 40 times to have your body unnaturally adjusted to your liking? Not only can Lacey imagine it, she’s damn near close to it as she recently revealed she will be getting a 37th surgery soon.

“I want to have the most extreme body in the world, I want to be a walking cartoon character,” she told the Daily Mail in an interview. Lacey wants to enhance her breasts to a QQQ size in her next surgery. Bet you didn’t even know that size existed!

Lacey swears she’s not addicted to plastic surgery, even after appearing on the realty show My Strange Addiction to talk about her impressive count of surgeries.

The mother of six from West Virginia is also desperate to slim down the rest of her figure, and has been extreme dieting to achieve a smaller waist size.

“My world rotates around my boobs. I don’t get high when I have surgery. But I do get a little thrill out of thinking I’m going to wake up looking different,” she explained.

In addition to her numerous breast enhancements, she has also had a total of three butt implant surgeries. During her interview, she joked that her butt is worth $30,000!

Lacey’s Kids Are Not Happy With Her Body

While Lacey is thrilled with the attention her body gets her, there are six people who are a little less enthusiastic about the way she looks: her kids.

“I can’t go anywhere without people swarming over her,” Lacey’s daughter, Jenaveve, explained to the outlet. When asked what she thinks specifically about her mom’s breasts, the young girl called them “disgusting.” Ouch.

Unfortunately for Lacey’s kids, it doesn’t look like she’s going to stop getting surgeries done any time soon.

Tell us, HollywoodLifers — What do YOU think about Lacey’s surgeries? Do you think it’s time for her to stop? Comment below with your thoughts!

— Lauren Cox

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