Justin Bieber & Madonna: He’d Love A One Night Stand With Her

Justin Bieber has turned 21 and he's ready to conquer the world. His first goal - a one night stand with Madonna! Is Justin serious? We've got the scoop. WOW. Justin Bieber, 21, and Madonna, 56, seemed to get a bit flirty when they both appeared on The Ellen DeGeneres Show on March 18. But if given a chance, would Justin actually spend the night with the Queen of Pop? In a HollywoodLife.com EXCLUSIVE, we have news on how Justin might actually be considering it!

Justin Bieber Madonna
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Justin Bieber & Madonna: He Wants A One Night Stand With Her

After the taping of the Ellen episode finished, Justin must have remembered how Madonna said she’d gladly make him the youngest man she’s ever been with. The offer had to have been seriously tempting to Justin because sources EXCLUSIVELY tell HollywoodLife.com that he decided to “call her bluff.” Turns out Justin made sure his people gave Madonna his number! YES! Justin is actually considering hooking up with Madonna!

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“He considers the potential of having sex with Madonna totally possible — and wants to have her on his list,” sources continue to tell HollywoodLife.com, saying that a one night stand with the Material Girl is definitely something Justin would be down with. But sources stressed that Justin’s not looking to date Madonna, he just wants to have one wild night with her.

Since Justin and Hailey Baldwin are no longer a thing, perhaps Justin has some free time to chase after Madonna. We’ll see if Madonna decides to give Justin a call.

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Maybe Justin thinks he can handle Madonna better than he can handle fame. It was during that episode of Ellen that Justin offered a sincere apology for his past behavior. In a rare moment of maturity, Justin acknowledge that he didn’t handle his worldwide fame properly.  “I didn’t know how to handle it,” he said. “It went to my head, and I had to let people pull me down to see the truth and see how much of a jerk I was being.”

What do you think, Hollywood Lifers? Do you think Justin and Madonna are going to hook up? Or was she just playing games with him?

— Jason Brow

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