‘The Walking Dead’: Why Rick Really Needs To Hook Up With Jessie

Two seasons after his wife died, Rick Grimes is finally moving on. Here's why Rick really needs to hook up with Jessie, but maybe without turning into Shane and going all homicidal on her husband. Is Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) falling love or lust? The leader of our favorite The Walking Dead survivors has his eye -- and lips -- on Jessie (Alexandra Breckenridge) in the March 8 episode, and now I'm exploring all of the reasons why this is a hook up that should totally go down before season 5 ends.

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‘The Walking Dead’: Rick & Jessie Need To Hook Up

Lots of fans were holding out for Rick and Michonne to hook up inside the walls of Alexandria, but instead it was a petite blond who caught Sheriff Grimes’ eye. That blonde is Jessie, his friendly new neighbor, who also happens to be married with children. Oops.

The chemistry between Rick and Jessie was pretty noticeable from the first time she knocked on his door, and on the March 8 episode it hit an all-time high as he leaned over and pressed a gentle kiss on her cheek at a party hosted by Deanna. There was a moment after the kiss where she looked unsure, but then she found herself smiling at Rick before walking away.

So, why is this something that needs to happen? Somewhere between Lori dying and finding Alexandria, Rick lost himself in the post-apocalyptic world. He became blood thirsty, always going for the kill, even when it wasn’t necessary. And, aside from caring about keeping his children and his group alive, he didn’t care about much else.

Now, he’s learning how to care again — and it just so happens to be about a woman. If this is the first step back to finding his humanity, than it’s a step in the right direction.

The Walking Dead’ Recap: Rick Kisses Jessie After Meeting Her Husband

Not to mention that even though Jessie is married to Pete, a doctor in Alexandria, there’s something very off about him. He’s a little too mysterious, he’s definitely hiding something, don’t you think? Maybe hooking up with a married woman isn’t exactly the most moral way of finding love in his heart, but at least we know Rick still has one.

Rick Needs To Avoid Turning Into Shane

The one catch about Rick and Jessie hooking up? It’s almost all too familiar.

As you might remember, Rick’s wife, Lori, was hooking up with his best friend for quite some time after the apocalypse started because she thought her husband was dead. Even after Rick returned Shane couldn’t accept that their fling was over, and it eventually turned him into a monster — which left Rick no choice but to kill him.

If you caught the very end of the March 8 episode of The Walking Dead, there is a moment where Rick and Jessie exchange pleasantries as she is walking back into her home with her husband, Pete. When Rick sees Pete gently touch Jessie’s lower back, he reaches for the gun hidden in his belt.

Thankfully, he catches himself before doing something that would surely get him exiled from Alexandria. But, it was definitely an intense moment where you realized that as exciting as it is to see Rick caring about someone new, he still has the instinct to kill anything that threatens him.

No matter what happens with Rick and Jessie, it’s going to be so interesting to watch it unfold!

Tell us, HollywoodLifers — Do you think Rick and Jessie should hook up? If not, who would you rather see him hook up with? Comment below!

— Lauren Cox