Arnold Schwarzenegger & Danny Devito: ‘Twins’ Co-Stars Reunite – Pic

The 'Twins' got together again! Nearly 30 years after starring together in the film, Danny Devito and Arnold Schwarzenegger reunited and it will warm your heart! Aw! Danny DeVito, 70, was on hand to present his Twins costar, Arnold Schwarzenegger, 67, with a lifetime achievement award at the Golden Camera awards on Feb. 27. Not only did the two pose for a nostalgia-inducing pic, Danny also presented the award to Arnold, causing both to get super emotional!

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Twins Reunion
Image Credit: Universal Pictures/ 2DF

‘Twins’ Reunion

So sweet! It’s been 27 years since Twins first hit theaters, but it seems that costars Arnold and Danny have definitely stayed tight– I mean, just look at that adorable photo!

At the Golden Camera awards, which took place in Hamburg, Germany, Arnold was being awarded the International Lifetime Achievement honor. So, who better to present the former California governor (never forget!) with the prize than Danny?

The two hugged as Danny introduced Arnold and then, when Arnold took the stage, Always Sunny in Philadelphia star Danny was reportedly beaming as he watched his dear old costar and friend accept the honors. In fact, the moment got so emotional between the two that Arnold even got “misty eyed,” according to Us Weekly.

Arnold dedicated the award to those who dream of breaking into movies, telling them all, “do not give up!”

A Lifetime Of Achievement

Arnold has certainly had a very unique career, spanning film, bodybuilding and–yup!– California politics.

Speaking very little English, Arnold moved to the United States at the age of 21 to become a competitive bodybuilder. He went on to win countless championships in the sport, and is still today considered one of the most important figures in the sport.

In the early ’70s, Arnold wanted to make the transition from bodybuilding to acting, and transition he did! Beginning with small roles in films like Stay Hungry, Arnold got his big break in the classic Conan the Barbarian. Then, in 1984, Arnold starred in what is arguably his defining role in The Terminator. As they say, the rest is history…baby.

Of course, Arnold’s other most famous role is very different from Terminator: Governor of the state of California. Arnold was elected to office in 2003, and won reelection four years later.

In other words, Arnold’s lifetime achievement award was very deserved!

Were you happy to see a Twins reunion?

— Casey Mink