Chevy Chase: Fans Fear For His Health After ‘SNL 40’ Appearance

Chevy Chase returned to studio 8H on Feb. 15, for 'SNL's' 40th Anniversary special, but as the original cast member was being interviewed on the red carpet he was seen looking extremely uncomfortable causing Twitter to explode with fans expressing their concerns! Chevy Chase, 71, didn't seem like himself during the 40th anniversary Saturday Night Live special on Feb. 15. The National Lampoon star and original SNL 1975 cast member was seen heavily sweating and turning red during a red carpet interview with Carson Daly -- causing fans to wonder if the iconic funny man is ok.

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Chevy Chase Health
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Chevy Chase’s Health: Twitter Blows Up After ‘SNL’ 40th Anniversary Special

Something definitely seemed off about Chevy. The Community star grabbed everyone’s attention at the 40th anniversary special when he gave an extremely uncomfortable interview to Carson. In the short interview Chevy discussed his decision to leave the show after just one season and wiped his brow while apologizing for his noticeable sweat.

“I left after the first year because I thought this isn’t going anywhere… I liked [hosting]. I liked it. But I missed it more for not being a part of the cast because I left after one year, I had reasons to leave,” Chevy revealed. “I’m sorry if I’m perspiring, but I just had to run through a gauntlet. But I liked it a lot, and I still like it. I love Lorne. We’re like brothers now.”

Following his interview, plenty of fans expressed their concerns on Twitter over Chevy’s sweating, but also about his voice which had also noticeably changed.

Mike Myers & Dana Carvey Diss Kanye West In ‘Wayne’s World’ Skit On ‘SNL 40′

The 40th anniversary show was packed with plenty of huge stars like Alec BaldwinTaylor SwiftBetty White and Miley Cyrus taking part in classic skits. As previously reportedMike Myers and Dana Carvey teamed up once again in “Wayne’s World” and were not afraid to thrown some disses at Kanye West.

In the hilarious skit, the boys counted down the top ten best things about having a live show, telling Kanye to “sit down” several times. Luckily, the artist went along with their jokes and even pretended to have to be held back by security — definitely a show to remember!

What do YOU think, HollywoodLifers? Are you worried about Chevy’s health? Did he seem off during the anniversary special? Let us know your thoughts below!

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