‘Downton Abbey’ Recap: Lady Edith Returns & Lady Rose Gets Engaged

Finally some good news for Lady Edith. On the Feb. 15, episode of 'Downton Abbey' Cora tracks down Edith and Marigold and orchestrates a plan for them to return to Downton without anyone finding out that Marigold is really Edith's daughter! Love is in the air on Downton Abbey! On the Feb. 15, episode Lady Rose (Lily James) and Atticus Aldridge get engaged and Isobel (Penelope Wilton) and Lord Merton finally announce their plans to the family -- while Lord Grantham (Hugh Bonneville) receives some terrible news about his beloved dog Isis.

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Downton Abbey Lady Rose Atticus Engaged
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‘Downton Abbey’ Recap: Lady Rose & Atticus Aldridge Get Engaged

Lady Edith’s secret is finally out. Aunt Rosamund arrived from London and was on her way to Downton with Violet (Maggie Smith) to tell Cora (Elizabeth McGovern) the truth about why Edith (Laura Carmichael) had run away — but Mrs. Drew spilled the beans first.

Although Cora was understandably hurt by not being let in on the secret she handled it perfectly — naturally — and agreed with her mother-in-law and sister-in-law that Robert should be kept in the dark and that Lady Edith needed to tell her secret in her own time.

Meanwhile with Lady Mary (Michelle Dockery) the saga of Tony Gillingham (Anthony Foyle), Charles Blake (Julian Ovenden) and Mabel Lane Fox continues at dinner while Rose is over the moon with Atticus Aldridge.

While everyone seems to be having a nice time and getting along, Isobel and Lord Merton announce that they are engaged and while the family stands and gives a toast in their honor, Violet look incredibly sad.

Rosamund and Cora train to London and visit the publishing company that Mr. Gregson left to Edith and sure enough she is there — definitely thought it was going to take longer to find her.

The following day, Lady Mary and Violet have a heart-to-heart discussion where Mary hurts her grandmothers feelings by calling her out for being upset about Isobel’s upcoming marriage. Violet is upset reveals the real reason why she is upset, “If you must know I’ve got used to having a companion, a friend, someone to talk things over with. Isobel and I had a lot in common and I shall miss that.”

Lady Mary — Breaks Things Off Once With Tony Gillingham For Good

Charles comes up with a plan that will finally make Tony break things off with Mary. They go to see a movie and before it ends they rush out so they will be spotted kissing in the lobby by Tony — who immediately and not angrily knows that they are done, and goes with Mabel to have dinner. While it’s hard to tell is Charles is still romantically interested in Mary that kiss was definitely believable!

Charles isn’t the only one with a plan, Cora concocts one that will allow both Edith and Marigold to come back to Downton without her losing her dignity. She wants the Drews to say that they cannot afford Marigold so that Edith can take her in and look after her as her own.

While Edith is telling her plan, Robert comes in with some extremely bad news. His beloved dog, Isis has not been well and after he took her to the vet he found out that she has cancer. Unfortunately, the vet said that Isis doesn’t have long to live and offered to put her down, but Robert couldn’t let him and brought her back to Downton where she will be comfortable.

Edith continues, and tells the family the situation that the Drews are in and they all respond well — except for Mary, so without much fuss it is decided that Marigold will come and live there under Edith’s care.

Even more good news happens at dinner. Lord Merton’s sons are extremely rude to Isobel at dinner causing both Tom and Robert to get upset and kick them out, but following their outburst Atticus proposes to Rose who is over the moon and says yes! The episode ends tragically with Isis laying between Robert and Cora because he doesn’t think she will make it through the night and wants her to be surrounded by “two people who love her and love each other very much.” Hopefully Isis finds a way to pull through!

What do YOU think, HollywoodLifers? Do you think Edith will be able to keep her secret from Robert and Mary for good? Let us know your thoughts below!

— Caitlin Beck

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