‘Saved By The Bell’: Elizabeth Berkley Poses With Jessie Spano — See Pic

I'm so excited! After an epic 'Saved by the Bell' reunion on 'The Tonight Show,' Elizabeth Berkley (AKA Jessie Spano) shared an amazing photo on Feb. 5, showing herself today, next to her '90s self. Obsessed over this! I need to call a Time Out here! Elizabeth Berkley may be 42 now but she just proved that she literally doesn't age. She posted an Instagram pic of herself on Feb. 5, put together with a pic of herself as Jessie Spano on Saved by the Bell. Of course, the timing was perfect, since the MAIN cast all reunited that very same night!

Saved By the Bell Elizabeth Berkley
Image Credit: Courtesy of Instagram

‘Saved By the Bell’: Elizabeth Berkley Is Still Jessie Spano

“Alter ego…too funny! #thenandnow,” Elizabeth captioned her pic.

Of course in the “now” pic, she’s rocking straight hair and a closed-lip smile. But she’s leaning into her Jessie Spano-self, who’s of course, rocking huge curly hair, perfect late ’80s earrings, and a teethy grin.

It’s Reunion Time

Now of course this was just the icing on the cake after the Saved by the Bell cast actually reunited on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon. Zack Morris, Kelly Kapowski, Jessie Spano, AC Slater, and Mr. Belding ALL joined together in the hallway of Bayside High and did an amazing skit, co-starring of course, Jimmy Fallon.

They all mocked their future selves — Jessie would become “a stripper,” Kelly would move to a new zip code, and Slater would head to Dancing with the Stars. Hey, we love a good Showgirls and 90210 reference anywhere we can get them! Plus, seeing Kelly pregnant, Zach calling a time out, Jessie being “so excited,” and the whole crew singing “Friends Forever,” it pretty much couldn’t have gotten any better.

Watch the video right here, then let us know! Were you obsessed like we were, HollywoodLifers? Should there be a movie? (And where the heck was Screech?)

— Emily Longeretta

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