‘The Boy Next Door’: Make A Date To See Jennifer Lopez & Ryan Guzman

Get your girlfriends, get your tickets and get prepared to sit on the edge of your seats watching Jennifer and Ryan get it on and then get super scary. The most believable thing about The Boy Next Door, is that Noah Sandborn, 19, (Ryan Guzman), would fall in lust with gorgeous Claire Peterson, forty something (Jennifer Lopez).

Boy Next Door Review
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‘Boy Next Door’ Review: Make A Date To See Jennifer Lopez & Ryan Guzman

The next most believable thing is that Claire would succumb to Noah’s considerable charms — his handsome face, hard body and detailed knowledge of epic Greek poem, “The Iliad.”

No red-blooded young heterosexual man in his right mind wouldn’t notice that Claire was beautiful, had an atrociously perfect body and was living right next door without a man. And it’s completely understandable that a separated mom who’s been betrayed by her cheating husband who be flattered and seduced by a hot younger hunk.

When Noah Sandborn moves in with his parents, he literally is a sight for a whole lot of sore eyes — Claire’s and ours.

Claire is a high school English teacher, living with her adorable nerdy son, Kevin, 13, (Ian Nelson) and trying to move on after the heartbreaking betrayal of her husband (John Corbett) who cheated on her on a business trip — so slimey — with some co-worker from San Francisco.

Is there really anything so wrong with Claire letting herself be seduced by Noah, who is the best looker to hit the big scene since Chris Hemsworth?

He’s 19, so he’s legal. She’s unattached. And it’s still the summer so he isn’t technically one of her students, when the hot one night stand goes down.

But before you can get too caught up in all the interesting moral questions about having a fling with a guy, half your age, it turns out that Noah is not what he seems.

Underneath that all American — he could be Tom Brady — face, there’s a full-on psycho stalker living in Noah, and when Claire won’t bed down with him again, the crazy starts.

Now, this is when you have to suspend your credibility questions and just hop on the scary ride along with Claire.

Just like Claire, it’s going to take you a few jolts to accept that Mr. Charming –Noah– is so nuttily obsessed and smart — that he secretly videotaped their sexy night and hacked into her classroom photocopy machine and sent hundreds of photos of their tryst spilling into the room. But at first, Claire gets angry. Not afraid.

Noah Goes Crazier And Claire Proves Her Strength

As Noah goes bonkier, Claire goes into superwoman mode. And this is where you can’t help cheering on her strong woman defensive and vigilante moves.

Of course, Claire doesn’t call the police. She and best friend,Vicky Lansing, (Kristin Chenoweth) think they are smarter and more badass than Noah.

Of course, Claire proves she’s not a woman to meddle with, not just with Noah, but on a double date with a chauvinist jerk, who doesn’t respect classical literature.

Star Jennifer Lopez, who also produced the film, makes sure you’ll have a totally engrossing time and she you you on a sometimes – Wait Until Dark – terrifying ride. And boy toy Guzman, fully co-operates on every step of the way. Never has a bad boy ever looked so good!

HollywoodLifers — check out The Boy Next Door this weekend and let me know what you think!

— Bonnie Fuller
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