‘Donnie Loves Jenny’ Recap: Donnie Wahlberg Cries At Adorable Wedding

Were you eager to see two people who can't keep their hands off of each other? Well all you had to do is watch the premiere of 'Donnie Loves Jenny' on Jan. 7! We may not know Donnie Wahlberg and Jenny McCarthy personally -- but this is pretty close. I've got to say, you can tell that these two have a magnetic connection in their new show, Donnie Loves Jenny on A&E. We were taken inside their wedding on the premiere -- from the planning and writing of the vows, to Donnie crying at the alter, to Jenny's son, Evan giving an adorable speech. What'd you think of the premiere?

Donnie Loves Jenny Premiere
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‘Donnie Loves Jenny’ Premiere

Here’s some moments from the premiere that we were obsessing over!

‘I’ve Found My Slippers’
When Jenny is chatting with her mom a week before the wedding, her mother explains that the man she’s married to now is like wearing slippers after wearing stilettos. And Jenny says that with Donnie, “I feel like I’ve found my slippers.”

Jenny Tries To Write Donnie’s Vows
Jenny thought it would be romantic if wrote the entire ceremony — including Donnie’s vows. Wait, what? Luckily, he explained that he really wanted to say them. So, she wrote the rest, of course: including statements about his cute butt.

Donnie Has VERY Close Relationship With Jenny’s Dad’s
Jenny continuously tells Donnie that he reminds her of her father, Macky; of course, Donnie likes that except when they’re lying in bed naked. His words, not mind. However, he does golf with Macky, and admits that since his dad’s passed, he looks up to him. “If there’s any guy out there that could step into his shoes, it’s Macky,” Donnie says. SO CUTE.

Donnie Cries During Rehearsal
He may be the badass in New Kids on the Block, but he’s totally a softie! During the rehearsal, he was actually fanning himself when she mock-walked down the aisle. It was seriously ADORABLE.

Evan Gets Ready With Donnie & NKOTB
In case Jenny needed another reason to be in love with Donnie, he asked to have her son get ready with the guys — including NKOTB, obviously. At one point, the band all was in bed together.

Jenny Finds Prince Charming

Wedding Time: Jumping & Crying
This wedding was probably one of the most beautiful ever. After a whole episode of Jenny and Donnie not being able to take their hands off of each other, it was the perfect moment. I have to admit, I choked up seeing Donnie see her — he immediately started crying. Plus, when she got to the altar, she almost kissed him right there. After they said, “I do,” Jenny was literally jumping up and down!

It’s Party Time
Right in the beginning of the reception, Jenny tells Evan the story of how she met Donnie, and they definitely had quite the connection as a family. Evan even made a speech, and said it was the “greatest day of his life.” Jenny’s speech is amazing too, and she says that he surpasses the thought of “Prince Charming.”

Donnie Surprises Mother With Incredible Surprise
Donnie has eight brothers and sisters, and at each wedding, his mother dances with each child to “If I Could,” by Regina Belle. So, Donnie surprised her by flying Regina to sing for them! Of course, Donnie was full-on bawling through this (and um, so was I!).

Welcome Home Mr. & Mrs.

Oh, and Jenny admitted at the end that she did change her name to Jenny Wahlberg on her driver’s license! He carried her into the house at the end, too — and up the stairs.

“I love you so much, that I want to put you stick you in the microwave and watch you pop like popcorn, then eat you slowly, and then floss you out of my teeth,” Jenny said. “I love you so much that I want to jump off that balcony. I want to go right into your womb and live there like a baby,” Donnie replied.

Did you love the premiere, HollywoodLifers? Let us know!

— Emily Longeretta

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