Jennifer Lopez: You’re Right — You Can Be A Sexy Woman & Be Smart

Are you tired of women being pigeon-holed? Being told that if they're sexy, they couldn't possibly be smart or that if they're a mom they can't be sexy? Well JLo is sick of it and she's speaking out - thank you! Jennifer Lopez is fed up with people trying to put women in a box, and thinking that if they're smart, they can't be sexy. Or that if you're a mom, you can't be a successful business person or a fabulous dancer.

Jennifer Lopez Sexy Smart
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Jennifer Lopez: You’re Smart & Sexy!

“It makes me crazy that people try to put women in a box, or try to say, if you’re a mom you can’t do this, or if you’re sexy, then you’re not smart,” the author of the new autobiography, True Love, told Natalie Morales on the Today show, this morning, November 4. Right on, JLo! This is so true and I’m so glad that you are courageous enough to say it!

So many people – men and women – have preconceptions about what women can and can’t do. And you’ve been a role model in continually breaking down those traditional perceptions. Now at 45, you’re taking on old ideas about women, that need to become extinct.

You just filmed your sexiest video ever – “Booty” – in which you danced, twerked, shook your bodacious body and more with Iggy Azalea in a blatantly sexual song celebrating a woman’s backside assets.

And you did it by breaking the age barrier: “The girl I’m standing next to in the video (Iggy Azalea) is 20 years old. I’m not. This is great for women to see.”

JLo Is 40 & Fabulous

Jennifer, you’re living proof that a women can stay looking just as fit and fabulous over 40, as she’s ever been. There’s no reason why any woman has to sag and suffer from cellulite if she keeps hitting the gym and watching her diet.

“I think at a certain age they put women to sleep,” or at least they try to, you told Natalie. And that’s not right.

Jennifer, you want women to see that no matter what their age, they CAN be smart, they can be sexy, they can be a mom and they should be respected.

Yes, Every Woman Does Deserve To Be Loved

You also believe that they can and should expect to be loved in a relationship, and not just be the one-sided giver.

In your new book, True Love, published today, you honestly reveal your own difficult road to finding self esteem and learning that you deserve to be loved.

That’s a key goal you have for women – they can be smart, successful, sexy and they deserve to be loved! Every woman deserves it!

Thanks JLo for speaking out and standing up for women breaking out of the box of stereotypes about us! HollywoodLifers, do you agree with Jennifer? Are you tired of women being stereotyped? Let me know!

— Bonnie Fuller
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