Lauryn Shannon, Then 3, Forced To Watch Sister Anna Cardwell’s Molestation

Shocking new details about Anna Cardwell's molestation have been revealed, including that her little sister, Lauryn Shannon, was also exposed to Mark McDaniel's sexual abuse. Lauryn was just 3 years old at the time. Lauryn "Chickadee" Shannon, now 17 years old, was forced to watch as her sister, Anna Cardwell, now 20, was violated by their mother's boyfriend in 2002. New court documents reveal Anna's interview with detectives, in which she claims that her baby sister was in the same bed as her and Mama June's boyfriend, convicted child molester Mark McDaniel.

Lauryn Shannon Exposed
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Lauryn Shannon Was Exposed To Mark McDaniel’s Molestation Of Anna Cardwell

As if this terrible situation could not get any worse, a new report has revealed shocking new details about the abuse Mama June’s rumored boyfriend once inflicted on her children.

Now, Radar Online has published court documents that graphicly detail Anna’s molestation — and also reveal that her baby sister, Lauryn, was forced to watch it happen when she was just 3 years old.

“Anna…stated that her sister, Lauryn, is in the bed with them when this is going on,” Officer Bauch wrote in the incident report which also reveals that the abuse occurred in 2002 while Mama June was at work.

While the details of the police report are far too disturbing for to share, we can tell you that Mark was indicted on one count of “fondl[ing] the vagina of Anna Marie Shannon…in the presence of Laur[y]n Shannon, a child under the age of 16.”

This new information is truly disturbing, and also raises major concern for the safety of Mama June’s children. As previously reported, she is allegedly dating Mark once again and even allowing him to spend time with her three underage children — including Alana “Honey Boo Boo” Thompson who is 9 years old.

Lauryn Has Been Defending Mama June, Claims She Is Not Seeing Mark Again

Interestingly enough, Lauryn is the only one of Mama June’s children who has publicly spoken out about her alleged rekindled romance with Anna’s molester, Mark.

Not only has she stood up for Mama June, she has also denied that her mother has had anything to do with the man who molested her older sister, Anna.

Unfortunately for both Lauryn and Mama June, they have been photographed with him numerous times since he was released from prison in March 2014.

Maybe Lauryn was too young to remember the horrible things that she witnessed, or maybe she has decided to black them out for her own sanity, but these new details really make you wonder why she would take her mother’s side.

Tell us, HollywoodLifers — Do YOU think that Mama June needs to be investigated by Georgia’s Department of Family and Child Services? Do you think she is really dating Mark again? Let us know your thoughts on this topic below.

— Lauren Cox, with reporting by Russ Weakland

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