‘Weekend Update’: Bill Hader Reprises Role Of Stefon In Hilarious Skit

One of the most beloved (and funniest) characters on 'Weekend Update' returned on the Oct. 11 episode of 'Saturday Night Live'. Host Bill Hader reprised the role of Stefon, who had a big surprise! Click to WATCH! Everyone's favorite city correspondent made a highly-anticipated return on the Oct. 11 episode of Saturday Night Live. On the Weekend Update segment, Stefon (Bill Hader) returned with his latest picks for what's best in New New York and he had secret to share with everyone!

‘Weekend Update’: Stefon Returns

It would have been a travesty if Stefon had not returned to Weekend Update when Bill Hader hosted for the first time.

Well, Stefon (and Bill) love us so because the hilarious correspondent came back with special news!

But first, Stefon was surprised to see two newbies — Colin Jost and Michael Che — at the Weekend Update desk. After all, his beloved Seth Meyers used to sit there. 

When asked if Seth had come to Weekend Update with him, Stefon replied, “No, he’s at home practicing how to sit behind a desk.”

Stefon’s picks for the New New York weren’t exactly for everyone. When Michael Che asked for a more relaxed night out, this was Stefon’s pic:

“If you are some dumb folks looking to get murdered, I know just the place for you. New New York’s hottest club is Jan’s New Backpack…This park slope slop bucket gives new meaning to question, ‘Is that the little woman who played the principal in Kindergarten Cop?’ This place has everything. Asbestos, lupus, the magazines at SuperCuts, Dan Cortese, a doorman who always high fives children of divorce, a building you can tell used to be a McDonald’s…”

Stefon (aka Bill) could barely get through the segment without laughing. If Bill thought it was funny, then everyone was laughing.

The biggest surprise of the night at the end of the segment.

“I’M PREGNANT!” Stefon screamed! AH!

Congrats, Stefon and Seth!


HollywoodLifers, what did you think of Stefon’s return to Weekend Update? Is he funnier than ever? Can you believe he and Seth are expecting! Let us know!

— Avery Thompson

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