‘Scandal’ Recap: [SPOILER] Dies & Olivia Returns To Washington D.C.

Happy 'Scandal' Thursday! Olivia Pope made her return to Washington D.C. in the season four premiere, but she wasn't met with the warmest welcome. Plus, what happened to Harrison? Scandal is back! The highly-anticipated fourth season premiered on Sept. 25, and we didn't see any of the twists and turns coming. Olivia (Kerry Washington) returned to Washington, Fitz (Tony Goldwyn) and Mellie (Bellamy Young) continued to grieve Jerry's death in unexpected ways, we found out how the rest of the Gladiators coped with Olivia's absence, and we finally learned what happened to Harrison (Columbus Short). Let's handle this recap!

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‘Scandal’ Recap: Vacation’s Over

Season four opened up to Olivia and Jake (Scott Foley) on an island alone. Olivia had really left her life behind, including changing her name to Julia Baker. However, this relaxing vacation came to a halt when Olivia received word from Quinn (Katie Lowes) that Harrison was dead.

Olivia returned to Washington D.C. after learning of Harrison’s death. She sweared up and down that she was only back for the funeral. Yeah, right. She asked Quinn where the rest of OPA was, and Quinn’s response shocked Olivia.

Huck (Guillermo Diaz) was working in computer repair, while Abby (Darby Stanchfield) is the new White House Press Secretary. Huck won’t talk to Quinn, and Abby is working right alongside Fitz and Cyrus (Jeff Perry). Never thought you would see that, huh?

Since the season three finale, not all of our characters have been relaxing on an island. Fitz was dedicating his life to his administrating, while Mellie was burying herself in alcohol and cereal. This Mellie is one we have never seen before. Walking around in a robe and Uggs? Where is our fierce queen?

Portia de Rossi made her highly-anticipated appearance in the form of political power player, Liz. She knows Cyrus and wanted Fitz to start helping her out. We’re sure to peel back the layers on her character in the coming episode.

‘Scandal’: The Show Gave Harrison A Proper Send-Off

Abby and Olivia finally came face-to-face for the first time since Olivia left. Olivia wanted the Gladiators to all plan Harrison’s funeral together. Abby told Olivia off. Olivia started going on and on about forgiveness, and wasn’t going to allow Abby to blame her for Harrison’s death. Olivia pulled the Gladiator card, but it didn’t work on Abby.

Despite the fact that her father had her paramore’s son killed, Olivia met up with Papa Pope for dinner. He didn’t even bat an eye when Olivia mentioned Harrison. He didn’t flinch when Olivia asked him if he had Harrison killed. (Man, this guy is good.)

Olivia put on a brave face to her father concerning Harrison. “You lose people,” she said. “Whatever.” Who is this girl and what has she done with Olivia.

‘Scandal’ Recap: Moving On & Moving Forward

After her run-in with Olivia, Abby has an interesting talk with Cyrus. “You should have told me she was back in town,” Cyrus seethed. Cyrus believed Olivia’s return could be very dangerous to the White House. (Yes and no, Cyrus.)

When Cyrus went to tell Fitz about Olivia, Fitz divulged that Mellie was now washing her hair. (Bless.) She was doing better since Jerry’s death, even though it may not seem like it.

Cyrus finally admitted that Olivia was back in town, and Fitz’s whole look changed. Olitz lives on!

Meanwhile, Olivia and Jake were keeping house in her old apartment. Jake had his Gettysburger and thought it would be a fun date night in, but that’s not how Olivia runs.

Olivia got a knock at the door and got a new case! FINALLY! She headed over to the Senator’s house to find Sterling not dead. She agreed to help, but said she’s not back for good. Yeah, right.

Olivia returned to the computer repair store to see Huck again. Like every other person, Huck asked her if she was back for good. That question was met by a big fat nope. Huck went back to treating her like a normal customer. Olivia came to tell him that she had planned Harrison’s funeral. Huck told her not to come back unless she was back for good. Amen, Huck.

Mellie and Fitz went to Jerry’s grave for a visit. This scene broke my heart into a million pieces. Mellie laid by Jerry’s grave, while Fitz watched his wife continue to grieve. Cue all the tears.

‘Scandal’ Recap: The Gladiators Assemble

Olivia and Jake were canoodling in bed, but Olivia had her mind on the new case. Jake knew he wouldn’t get anywhere with this Olivia, so he let her talk.

This conversation quickly segued into Jake addressing the elephant in the room — Fitz. Jake totally went there for one epic burn. As long as Olivia and Jake stayed in Washington, it was going to be Fitz’s turn. Jake wasn’t going to be a part of that dalliance.

We’ll see about that.

As it turned out, the senator’s wife (aka Nan Flanagan) was covering for the secretary. She knew her husband had a type and that he went too far. When this drama got a little too escalated, Olivia bolted. But she had a good reason.

Olivia and Jake attended Harrison’s funeral. Slowly but surely, the Gladiators assembled. Quinn, Huck and Abby all showed up. “He didn’t have people,” Olivia said. “Just us.” (RIP Harrison.)

And then, Olivia was left alone, except for Jake. Jake held her in his hands, and discovered that Papa Pope was watching from a distance.

For those of you who are David and Abby fans, you were out of luck this episode. While David was tirelessly researching B613, he lost Abby. He wanted law and justice more than he wanted Abby. David was later nominated for the new Attorney General.

‘Scandal’ Recap: Second Chances

Fitz found Mellie on the White House terrace. “I’m not going to jump,” Mellie said through sips of a martini. “I’m not going to try and kill myself. I’m not you.”


Apparently, Fitz tried to commit suicide after Jerry’s death. Fitz didn’t want Mellie to bring it up again. There was a lot of things Fitz didn’t want Mellie bringing up, including Jerry and Olivia.

Fitz revealed to Mellie that Olivia was back in town.

“I’m not going to see her,” Fitz said. He remained adamant that he would not be seeing Olivia anytime in the near future.

“When you see her, you will tell me,” Mellie said, despite Fitz’s claims.

Olivia decided to stay in Washington. She was ready to be Olivia Pope again. She took on the secretary’s case. She was all-in. As she walked out of the courthouse, Fitz and Olivia walked right past each other.

They didn’t look at each other. There was no “hi.” You would think these two were over for good, but Olitz will never die.

When they walked past each other, their hands almost touched.


HollywoodLifers, what did you think of tonight’s Scandal? Were you surprised that the show really killed off Harrison? Can you believe this new Mellie? Are you surprised Fitz tried to commit suicide after Jerry’s death? Let us know your thoughts about the premiere!

— Avery Thompson

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