Matthew Knowles: DNA Test Confirms 2nd Love Child Is Beyonce’s Sibling

Wow. Beyonce and her sister, Solange Knowles, reportedly have a second secret sibling thanks to their playboy father, Matthew Knowles -- and yes, a DNA test has been conducted! Matthew Knowles, 63, reportedly has a fourth child, which means Beyonce, 33, and Solange Knowles, 28, have a second sibling that they knew nothing about. A new report claims that former model TaQoya Branscomb has a child that DNA tests showed is a 99.9% fathered by Matthew's.

Matthew Knowles Love Child
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Matthew Knowles’ Second Love Child: DNA Test Results Revealed

Well, this is awkward.

In July 2014, a second woman came forward claiming that her child was fathered by Beyonce’s dad and former manager, Matthew Knowles. Now, TMZ reports that the DNA test results are in — and TaQoya Branscomb’s child is definitely a Knowles.

The DNA results showed that there is a 99.998% chance that TaQoya’s child belongs to Matthew.

In case you lost count, this new information brings Matthew’s total love children to a count of TWO.

Very little information about the child is available, but previously reported that TaQoya’s child is, in fact, a girl.

So, that means Beyonce and Solange have a little sister they didn’t even know existed!

Matthew’s First Love Child Was Revealed In 2010

For those of you who like to keep up with the Knowles family, you might remember that Matthew was forced to claim a son, Nixon, who was conceived while he was still married to Beyonce and Solange’s mom, Tina Knowles.

Shortly after Matthew claimed responsibility for Nixon, he and his wife, Tina, filed for divorce after being married for 31 years. This must have been an incredibly sad outcome for the entire family, including their two adult children, Beyonce and Solange.

After he confirmed that Nixon was, in fact, his child, Matthew was forced by a judge to pay $12,000 a month in child support — until Beyonce fired him as his manager. Once his primary income was cut off completely, the child support payment dropped drastically to $2,485. Ouch.

The original report confirming TaQoya’s child belongs to Matthew claims she will be seeking child support from the former manager as well, but it is likely she will not receive the same amount due to the fact he is no longer making big bucks on behalf of Beyonce.

Tell us, HollywoodLifers — Are you surprised that Matthew has a second love child? Do you think there are more out there? Feel free to sound off on this drama below!

— Lauren Cox

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