R. Kelly’s Transgender Son: Glad His Dad Finally Knows The Truth

R&B singer R. Kelly's daughter, Jaya, has bravely came out on social media to tell the world she's now a transgender boy. Jaya -- who now goes by the name Jay -- has received support from his mom, Drea Kelly, but his dad's response has been unsupportive. R. Kelly, 37, isn't taking the news well that his daughter is now a transgender boy. After the R&B singer had a less-than-thrilling public response to his 13-year-old daughter now going by the name Jay and identifying as a boy, Jay is boldly speaking up about his dad's lack of support.

Jay Kelly Dad Response
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Jay Kelly On Dad R.Kelly’s Response: Transgender Son Glad He Knows Truth

Jay isn’t upset that his dad is aware that he’s now a boy. When asked “You mad your dad knows?” on Q&A website ask.fm, Jay simply responded with: “Nope.” Good for him! We’re happy that Jay’s not letting his famous father’s lack of support bring him down. 

On the same site, Jay also opened up with other details about his transition into becoming a boy. When asked if his mom, Drea Kelly, refers to him as a boy, Jay responded with “Yep.” Jay also said he ignores questions about his famous father “most of the time” and doesn’t think of himself as a celebrity. 

Considering Jay is only 13, under a major microscope AND receiving little support from his dad, the teen is handling all of this pressure and attention SO well. We’re proud of Jay for being so open, honest and brave! 

R.Kelly: Don’t Refer To My Transgender Son As A Male

After Jay’s brave confession, his dad has said some shocking remarks. When asked about his daughter’s transformation into a boy, the R&B star said to WGCI: “You don’t really wanna open it up by saying my daughter is becoming my son, because if that were true… Don’t even give the blogs that kind of credit. You know what I’m saying? Real talk.” Heartbreaking.

What do YOU think about Jay staying confident even though his dad isn’t being supportive, HollywoodLifers? Let us know in the comments below!

— Megan Ross 

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