‘Frozen:’ Meet The Real-Life Disney Princess Elsa — Pics

Are we back in the magical kingdom of Arendelle? Or are our eyes tricking us? An 18-year-old girl from Daytona Beach, Florida, is the perfect real-life doppelganger to Princess Elsa from Disney's sensational movie 'Frozen.' She's using her Elsa lookalike status for good! Anna Faith Carlson, 18, went to see the Disney movie Frozen for the first time in December -- and that's when the Florida teenager noticed that she totally resembles Princess Elsa, a magical snow queen who can turn what she touches into ice or snow. After posting an Instagram photo side-by-side with a cut-out of the character Elsa, people around the world started to take notice of Anna.

Real Life Princess Elsa Frozen
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‘Frozen’ Movie Lookalike: Florida Teenager Is The Real-Life Princess Elsa

It’s been a whirlwind for Anna since her Instagram (filled with pics from Frozen) went viral! The bright blonde-haired, brown-eyed aspiring model now spends her days dressing up as Elsa and making kids smile! How sweet is that? Anna’s opening up about her journey to this point.

“We had just finished a modeling job in Orlando and my mom and best friend wanted me to take a picture with the cutout,” Anna told the Orlando Sentinel, according to Daily Mail. “My hair was up and I looked like a mess, so I didn’t want to at first,” she admits. After seeing the photo of herself by Princess Elsa, Anna saw the similarities. “It’s a crazy resemblance. Every time I watch [the movie], it’s weird because it’s like I’m watching myself. It’s kind of creepy,” Anna revealed.

Anna now spends her free time dressing up as Elsa to visit schools and hospitals. Her sister Lexie even joins Anna sometimes — Lexie dresses up as Princess Anna! “We of course do the appearances for free,” Anna admitted. “I just love seeing the kids and seeing them smile is so special.” Way to go, Anna! It’s SO awesome that you are using your Elsa lookalike status for good.

Will Anna Play Elsa On ‘Once Upon A Time?’

Frozen is heading to Storybrooke and taking over Once Upon A Time next season! Our sister site TVLine exclusively reported that Elsa is being cast and will appear as a recurring character in the next season of the show. Maybe Anna will ultimately snag the part?

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— Megan Ross 

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