‘Mad Men’ Mid-Season Finale: Don Draper Mourns [SPOILER]’s Death

A beloved character passed away on the May 25 mid-season finale of 'Mad Men', and Don Draper mourned him in a special way. The mid-season finale of Mad Men, "Waterloo", ended with the tragic passing of a beloved character who has been with viewers since the beginning. However, Don's (Jon Hamm) touching send-off to the dearly departed reminded fans of the series why they've been sticking with the show for 7 long seasons.

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Bert Cooper Dies
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‘Mad Men’ Season 7 Mid-Season Finale: Bert Cooper Dies

Bertram Cooper (Robert Morse) passed away suddenly on the May 25 episode of Mad Men, the cause of which was not explained. A founding member of what is now Sterling Cooper & Partners, his old-fashioned ways were seen by some as a detriment to the company; indeed, Jim (Harry Hamlin), immediately upon Bert’s death, was eager to begin portraying SC&P as the “agency of the future.”

However, Don was always very close to Bert — when Pete (Vincent Kartheiser) went to Bert way back in Season 1 with information about Don’s past in an attempt to throw him under the bus — and climb the ladder like the weasel he used to be — Bert shut Pete down immediately and told him that he doesn’t care about Don’s past.

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That said, it was only fitting that the person most affected by Bert’s passing would be Don; at the closing of the episode, Don hears Bert say, “Don, my boy,” and then has a vision of Bert doing a song-and-dance number to “The Best Things In Life Are Free” along with the ladies of the secretarial pool.

It was a fantastic way to send off an immensely talented actor and to highlight Bert’s importance to Don, just before the “C” in “SC&P” is about to be metaphorically crowbarred off the front of their offices by Jim in the latter half of Season 7 — the final episodes of the series.

WATCH: Bert Cooper’s Song-And-Dance Number To “The Best Things In Life Are Free”


What did you think of Bert’s send-off, HollywoodLifers? Appropriate or a bit bizarre? The final episodes of Mad Men will air in 2015 — couldn’t you just die over how far away that is?! Let us know!

— Amanda Michelle Steiner

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